Israel asks America to punish the pro-Palestinian movements

An American parliamentarian in Georgia state revealed that the Israeli consulate had asked her to submit a bill to punish the pro-Palestinian movements, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS).

A Parliamentarian Deborah Selcox confirmed during a meeting of the state’s Congress, that Israel’s action confirms that the Israeli occupation government is pushing American states to pass bills aimed at punishing pro-Palestinian movements.

It is worth noting that 34 US states, including Georgia, passed a bill in 2016 that would deny funding to the BDS movement’s defenders.

Due to the pressure of the Israeli occupation on American domestic politics, an American journalist Abby Martin was banned from granted a reward in the state of Georgia after she refused to sign a pledge to not boycott Israel.

(Source / 17.11.2020)

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