Rights groups call for Israeli halt to military incursions into Gaza

IOF incursion

GAZA, (PIC) – Human rights groups have demanded the Israeli occupation army to end incursions into Gaza’s farmlands and compensate farmers for their agricultural losses.

This came in a letter sent by Gisha (the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement), the Gaza-based al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, and Adalah (the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel) to Israel’s army minister, attorney general, and military advocate general.

Their letter asked for an immediate halt to the military’s destruction of land in Gaza, an investigation into recent incursions, and compensation to Gaza farmers for the damage.

“On 13 October 2020, Israeli military bulldozers entered about 300 meters into the Gaza Strip, and severely damaged dozens of dunums of agricultural land, destroying crops and irrigation systems. According to the Gaza-based al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, this is the most severe damage to Gaza farmlands caused by an Israeli military incursion since 2014, a statement released by the rights groups said.

“The Gaza Ministry of Agriculture reported that at least 10 farmers’ sources of income were harmed as a result of the Israeli incursion, with damages estimated to agricultural lands and crops at more than $32,000,” the rights group added.

(Source / 12.11.2020)

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