Haniyeh warns against return to negotiation, urges to promote unity

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The Palestinian people shouldn’t be trapped by the calls to return to negotiations with the Israeli occupation on the heels of the US elections, head of Hamas political Bureau said.

In the speech in the first Online Pioneers Conference, Haniyeh noted that the Palestinians are not much interested in who leads the White House but care about the policy of the US administrations, highlighting that consecutive US administrations had adopted biased policies in favour of the Israeli occupation.

Concerning intra-Palestinian reconciliation, Haniyeh called on the Palestinian factions to go ahead with endeavours to achieve unity and partnership until ending the Palestinian split.

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Hamas adheres to unity and reconciliation and won’t backtrack on the understandings reached with Fatah and other Palestinian factions, he confirmed.

The Hamas chief added that the Palestinians can face the Israeli occupation and the absolute support of the US administration through a strategy based on three pillars: unity, resistance, and rearrangement of ties with countries around Palestine.

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As regards normalisation with the Israeli occupation, the senior Hamas official expressed his deep sorrow for having some countries normalising ties with the Israeli occupation, noting that Hamas doesn’t want Arab and Islamic countries to be trapped by forging ties with the occupation.

Haniyeh conclude his speech by hailing the steadfastness of Maher al-Akhras who went on a hunger strike for almost three months in protest against the Israeli policy of administrative detention.

(Source / 09.11.2020)

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