Palestine Post 24’s account among tens of twitter accounts suspended upon Israel’s request

‘Israel wants to slaughter Palestinians away from the eyes of the world in order to have its reputation damaged,’ Chief Editor of Palestine Post 24 news website said

After Israel had issued its 37-page report which listed tens of twitter accounts active in exposing its crimes, Palestine Post 24’s account was suspended.

Last week, Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs issued a report entitled: “Manipulating Social Media: The effort to delegitimise Israel through coordinated inauthentic behaviour online.”

The report listed more than a hundred accounts of Palestinian and pro Palestine activists who are active in exposing Israeli crimes. Many of these accounts owned by non-Palestinian activists, including some Jews from the US and Europe.

A volunteer group, Sada Social, that monitor breaches of Palestinian digital rights has said that it had received tens of complaints from Palestinian social media users following the move by the giant US company.

Twitter said the accounts were “amplifying the dissemination of information” that violated its terms of service.

“Israel is trying to suppress any voice exposing its crimes,” Chief Editor of Palestine Post 24 news website, Motasem A Dalloul, said as he commented on the suspension of Palestine Post 24’s twitter account.

“Israel wants to slaughter Palestinians away from the eyes of the world in order to have its reputation damaged,” Dalloul, who was shot in 2018 while covering the peaceful March of Return in Gaza and was close to death, said.

“Israel is a fake democracy,” he stressed, “and it is trying to convince the world that it is the beacon of democracy and freedom in the Middle East. Israel’s suppression of voices of the Palestinians and pro-Palestine activists is a flagrant violation of freedom of speech.”

It is worth noting that the social media accounts of Palestine Post 24 Arabic have been suspended and deleted several times.

Palestine Post 24

(Source / 03.11.2020)

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