Gaza Health: There is a great shortage of laboratory materials, and we are working to contain the epidemic

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The Dean of Mushtaha, Director General of Laboratories at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, said today, Saturday, that there is a great shortage of laboratory materials and equipment, and that the ministry is working to besiege the epidemic and uncover epidemiological maps and new cases in order to protect society from the outbreak of the virus Corona.

In a radio interview, Mushtaha stated that the ministry relies on the awareness of citizens by adhering to preventive and precautionary measures, calling on them to adhere to preventive means to reduce the risks of the epidemic in light of the collapse of large countries in the face of the Corona virus.

He pointed out that the elderly and children are more likely to contract Corona, and in case of negligence and failure to adhere to preventive measures, this will lead to a health disaster in Gaza.

“We have increased the number of daily swabs and examinations, and in the event that examination materials are available, the survey capacity will be raised to 3,000 per day,” Mushtaha said, warning against gatherings especially for social occasions such as weddings and mourning homes because they form large foci for spreading the virus.

He called on international bodies to support Gaza and provide examination materials and laboratory equipment due to the increase in the number of injuries, noting that work is being done daily to raise the needs of the laboratories of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health in Ramallah, and in constant communication and coordination to provide daily laboratory swabs.

He stressed that avoiding crowding, social distancing and wearing a muzzle will spare the Gaza Strip the spread of the epidemic, calling on citizens to help the ministry in facing the epidemic by adhering to the preventive guidelines.

For his part, Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman for the ministry, said that the closure of the sector is still far from the expectations of the ministry and the government, because the sector does not tolerate a comprehensive closure.

He added, “If the number of injuries in the Strip increases and citizens do not adhere to preventive measures, we may head to a comprehensive closure,” noting that the ministry was able to divide the Gaza Strip into 55 geographical areas to investigate the epidemic and close the affected area without affecting the rest of the regions and citizens.

Al-Qudra indicated that the Ministry, in cooperation with government institutions, has taken a decision to allow returnees who accompany an epidemic examination certificate to return to their homes directly, indicating that examinations will be conducted for those who do not carry an epidemic examination certificate and return to their home until the results are issued.

The health spokesman in Gaza pointed out that those coming from the Rafah crossing were required to obtain this statement from the return area forty-eight hours before reaching the Gaza Strip.

“All returnees through the Beit Hanoun checkpoint possess this statement, and therefore they will return directly to their homes,” he said.

(Source / 01.11.2020)

Egypt reopens border crossing with Gaza

Officials check Palestinians' documents before crossing to the Egyptian side on the second day after Egypt opened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip for three days, in Rafah, Gaza on September 28, 2020 [Mustafa Hassona / Anadolu Agency]
Officials check Palestinians’ documents before crossing to the Egyptian side on the second day after Egypt opened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip for three days, in Rafah, Gaza on September 28, 2020

Egypt will reopen the Rafah crossing with the blockaded Gaza Strip on Monday, the Palestinian Interior Ministry said on Sunday.

“The terminal will be open in both directions for four days until Thursday,” the Hamas-run ministry said in a statement.

This is the third time for the Egyptian authorities to reopen the Rafah crossing since March.

Earlier this month, reports suggested that the government in Gaza was in discussion with the Egyptian government in opening the Rafah crossing permanently.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in March, the Rafah crossing has been closed by the Egyptian authorities, in fears of the spread of the disease. Cairo was reported to have opened the crossing on a limited number of occasions for a few days, primarily for the repatriation of Palestinian citizens.

After entering Gaza, travellers must quarantine for 21 days in a specified location which has been prepared by authorities.

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Soldiers Injure Several Palestinians Near Hebron

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Israeli soldiers invaded, Saturday, Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and fired many gas bombs at Palestinian farmers on their lands, in addition to forcing a family out of their orchard, in Abu ar-Reesh area.

Mohammad Awad, a local nonviolent activist against the Annexation Wall and Colonies, said the soldiers forced the family of Mohammad Abul-Hamid Sleibi out of their lands in Abu ar-Reesh area, which is adjacent to Beit Ayin illegal colony, built on illegally confiscated Palestinian lands, near Gush Etzion illegal colonialist block, military base, and security center.

Awad added that the soldiers fired many gas bombs at the family, and many other Palestinian farmers who were trying to pick their olive trees, causing scores to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

The soldiers also forced the Palestinians out of their lands and orchards after threatening to shoot or abduct them if they do not leave.

It is worth mentioning that the area is subject to constant assaults and violations carried out by the fanatic Israeli colonists.

Although Sleibi family managed to obtain a ruling from the Israeli High Court allowing them to fence their lands, the illegal colonists are still able to invade the land and attack the residents.

(Source / 01.11.2020)

Soldiers Invade Home Of Detainee Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers invaded, Sunday, the home of a Palestinian detainee from Ya’bad town, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, for the second time in less than 24 hours.

The family of detainee Nathmi Abu Bakr, 49, said the soldiers stormed and ransacked the property, in addition to inspecting Nathmi’s bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen, which were sealed off by the soldiers on October 21st, when the army poured sponge finished concrete into it.

They added that the invasion is the second in less than 24 hours, after the army stormed the property and conducted searches of it.

The family expressed concerns regarding the frequent invasions and violent searches by the soldiers, especially since Nathmi is accused of killing an Israeli soldier after he reportedly dropped a slab on his head from the rooftop of the family’s property.

(Source / 01.11.2020)

Soldiers Search Homes, Install Roadblocks, In Hebron

Israeli soldiers invaded and searched, Sunday, many homes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, in addition to several communities near the city, and installed roadblocks.

Media sources said several army jeeps invaded the southern area of Hebron city, before storming and ransacking many homes.

They added that the soldiers interrogated several Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

The soldiers also invaded the Hneina area and the at-Tabaqa village, south of Doura city, before searching homes, barns, and farmlands owned by Palestinians from Amro family.

In addition, the soldiers installed roadblocks at the main entrances of Sammoa’ and Yatta towns, in addition to Hebron’s northern road, and closed the iron gate at the entrance of the al-‘Arroub refugee camp.

The soldiers stopped and searched many vehicles and interrogated the Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

(Source / 01.11.2020)

Army Abducts Four Palestinians In Hebron And Ramallah, Injures Several Others

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Israeli soldiers abducted, earlier Sunday, one Palestinian and injured several others near Hebron, in southern West Bank, and three others near Ramallah, in central West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

The PPS said a large military force invaded Hneina area and the at-Tabaqa village, south of Doura, west of Hebron, and conducted extensive searches of homes and farmlands.

It added that the soldiers abducted a former political prisoner, identified as Karam Abu Amro, 42, after storming his home and ransacking the property.

Many Palestinian youngsters protested the invasion and hurled stones at the army vehicles, while the soldiers fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at them, and several surrounding homes.

Several Palestinians, including children, suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

In the Ramallah and al-Biereh governorate, in central West Bank, the soldiers abducted Soheil Abu Dayya, in addition to Marcel Raed Zeebar and Mohannad al-‘Azza, from Kobar town, after invading their homes and searching them.

In addition, the soldiers invaded and searched homes in Anata town, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem.

Media sources said the soldiers stormed the home of a lawyer, identified as Hani Theefan, in addition to the homes of his brothers in the as-Sal’a neighborhood, in the center of the town, causing excessive property damage.

(Source / 01.11.2020)

Detainee Sa’adi Suspend His Hunger Strike

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The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that a hunger-striking detainee has suspended the hunger strike he started on October 20th, after an agreement was reached regarding his administrative detention.

The PPS said the detainee, identified as Mahmoud Sa’adi, has suspended the strike after the Israeli authorities agreed not to renew his administrative detention order.

It is worth mentioning that Mahmoud, 40, from Jenin in northern West Bank, was taken prisoner on May 20, 2020, and was slapped with an administrative detention order for five months, without charges or trial.

Sa’adi was later slapped with another order for five additional months. He is a married father of eight children and suffers from kidney disease in addition to various complications.

It is worth mentioning that detainee Maher al-Akhras is ongoing with the hunger strike he started 98 days ago, despite his serious health condition, amidst fears of vital organ failure. He is being held under Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial.

(Source / 01.11.2020)

Israel to constitute committee to monitor Palestinian constructions built without permits

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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli occupation authorities are working to constitute a special committee to monitor Palestinian constructions built without permits in the occupied West Bank.

According to i24 News, the committee will be working on gathering intelligence information for the Palestinian constructions built without permits in Area C of the West Bank.

Also, the project budget reaches 300 million shekel, and it will be deducted from the budget of the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Area C makes up 60 percent of the occupied West Bank. Under the Oslo Accords, control of this area was supposed to be gradually handed over to the Palestinian Authority. Instead, the occupation state retains total control until today.

Today, some 150,000 Palestinians live in Area C, where they face severe restrictions on planning, building and access to natural resources. It is estimated that more than 300,000 Jewish-Israeli settlers also live in Area C, in clear violation of international law.

(Source / 01.11.2020)

Pictures| Thousands protest at Al-Aqsa Mosque against Macron’s comments

Israeli forces chased the protesters and arrested one of them as well as a journalist

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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Thousands of Palestinians took part in a rally on Friday at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to protest againts French President Emmanuel Macron offensive comments on Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The protests held after the Friday Prayer outside the Dome of the Rock in Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound, Islam’s third holiest site, in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Palestinians were holding banners and slogans during the protest defending the Prophet Mohammed and calling for a boycott of French products. They were chanting “Mohammed, your nation will not give in.”

During his sermon, Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ekrima Sabri condemned the republication of cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as well as Macron’s statements, stating that “The French president has declared his hostility towards Muslims around the world.”

However, Israeli occupation forces prevented the Palestinians from the occupied West Bank from reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque, impeding them from performing Friday prayer.

Following the protests, eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency that Israeli occupation forces chased the worshippers and arrested one of them, in addition to a cameraman.

Lately, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that French President Emmanuel Macron needs “mental treatment” because of his hostility towards Islam.

“What is Macron’s problem with Islam and Muslims? He needs mental health treatment,” Erdogan said at the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) congress in central Kayseri province.

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied #Jerusalem today, in protest of the French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on Islam and the insulting of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

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Quds News Networkon Saturday

Thousands of Palestinians take part in a rally in Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank, in protest of the French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), today.

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NGO: Female prisoners at HaSharon jailed in worrisome conditio

Ramallah (QNN)- Female prisoners at HaSharon jail are detained in very bad and inhumane conditions, where they are detained for 14 days before being transferred to the Damon jail, said the Committee of Detainees and Former Detainees’ Affairs.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the committee stated that female prisoners live in very complicated and harsh conditions, as they are held close to Israeli criminals, who use verbal and sexual abuses against them.

It added that the administration of the jail allows Israeli jailers to raid into prisoners’ cells, violating their privacy.

It also stressed that the committee repeatedly requested that the administration of the jail allocates a section for newly arrested female prisoners to protect them but the Israelis continue to ignore such demands.

According to Addameer, Israeli authorities have arrested 43 women until March 2020, including 8 wounded women, 12 patients, 16 mothers, and 4 women under administrative detention without charges or trials.

(Source / 01.11.2020)