IOF teargases Palestinian olive collectors in Beit Ummar town

teargas attack

AL-KHALIL, (PIC) – A number of Palestinian farmers on Saturday suffered from their exposure to tear gas when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) attacked them in Beit Ummar town, north of al-Khalil city.

Local activist Mohamed Awad said that the IOF expelled the family of Mohamed al-Salibi and their friends from their olive grove in Wadi Abul-Reesh area of the town near the illegal settlement of Bat Ayin and Gush Etzion block of settlements.

He added that the IOF showered activists and farmers with tear gas canisters and pointed guns at them as they were getting prepared to collect olives from the trees on the land of al-Salibi.

In recent weeks, Israeli settlers — with the help of the Israeli occupation army — started to sabotage the Palestinian olive harvest season through destroying and burning olive trees or stealing crops.

(Source / 31.10.2020)

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