Israeli settlers uproot over 150 fruitful olive trees in Al Mughayyir

Ramallah (QNN)- The family of Saeed Abu Alia woke up this morning to find that illegal settlers uprooted over 150 fruitful olive trees in their farm in the village of Al Mughayyir in Ramallah.

Saeed Abu Alia told QNN that the settlers did not only uproot the trees, however, they also attacked the family, which was examining the damage.

Abu Alia added that his family has lost hundreds of olive trees in settlers’ attacks.

“We used to have over 600 olive trees that have been planted since 1982 in our land but Israeli settlers continued to uproot them over the past years”, he said.

Abu Alia added that the attacks on olive trees harshly affect Palestinian families that basically depend on olive harvest for their living.

(Source / 26.10.2020)

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