Video| Sudan’s people, parties protest against normalization

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Khartoum (QNN)- Dozens of Sudanese protested in the capital city last night against the normalization efforts with the occupation state.

Only a few hours after Trump announced Sudan’s approval to normalize ties with the occupation state, dozens of Sudanese went to the streets of Khartoum, rejecting the normalization deal between Sudan’s military rulers and the occupation state.

The protesters chanted “listen listen Burhan, no for normalization with the Zionist entity”, “no for negotiations no for peace, and no for normalization with the Zionist entity”, and “no surrender and no weakness, we support Palestine”.about:blankFacebook URL

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Several Sudanese parties have rejected the normalization deal and announced that they will form a national front to fight against the deal.

One of the leaders, who drafted the Declaration of Freedom and Change following the revolution, said that political and social connections are being made to form a national front against normalization.

Muhammad Wada’ah, the spokesperson for the Sudanese Ba’ath Party, one of the political parties that drafted the Declaration of Freedom and Change, told AA that “we started intensive connections to form an anti-normalization front.”

“Several parties within the declaration warned the government that they will withdraw their support if it normalizes ties with Israel”, he added.

Wada’ah also said that “normalization is totally rejected and the government has no authority to take such decision with an occupying and racist state that practices discrimination based on religion.”

Meanwhile, a statement by the National Consensus Forces, the second-largest component of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, announced its rejection of the normalization plans.

The statement said, “we believe that our people, which has been systematically marginalized through secret deals, is not committed to what the normalizers agree.”

“Our people will stay committed to its historical positions and it will work through a large front to resist normalization and back the Palestinian people until it gets its full legitimate rights.”

(Source / 24.10.2020)

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