The occupation arrested 10 citizens

The Israeli occupation forces arrested 10 civilians at dawn today.

The official news agency reported that the occupation arrested Muhammad al-Qirbi and Khalil al-Qirbi, after they raided and searched their families’ homes.

From the town of Al-Issawiya, north of Jerusalem, the forces arrested 5 citizens, and local sources in the town reported that the occupation forces stormed the town and arrested Yusef Bilal Abu Al-Hummus, Sami Salah Dari, Yazan Imran Obaid, Mutasim Hamza Ubaid, and Nasser Muhammad Abu Riala, from their homes.

And from Jenin, the forces arrested two citizens from the city of Jenin and a third from the town of Al-Yamoun.

According to the official news agency, the occupation forces stormed the city and raided the neighborhoods of Kharrouba and Marah Saad and arrested the young liberated prisoner Ashraf Nasser Tahainah and Muhammad Rushdi al-Jamal, after they raided and searched their relatives’ homes, and in the town of Yamoun in the west, and arrested Ahmed Amin Nawada after raiding and searching his house.

(Source / 24.10.2020)

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