Settlers cause severe damage to the electricity network in Jalud

Settlers from the “Ish Kodash” settlement outpost recently severely damaged the electricity network in Jaloud village, southeast of Nablus, as part of their continuous attacks on the village.

The head of Jalud Village Council, Abdullah Hajj Muhammad, said that the settlers of the “Ish Kodash” outpost cut off one of the main electricity poles in the eastern region close to the focus, which led to the collapse of the 1 km power line, the fall of the cables to the ground and the disruption of 25 electricity poles. It has become ramshackle, especially as we approach the winter season.

Hajj Muhammad added that the destruction of the Palestinian service infrastructure networks in the areas near the settlements are acts of aggression carried out by extremist settlers in cover of darkness, with the aim of preventing the development of these areas and preventing services from reaching them in order to force citizens to leave the lands near the settlements and thus facilitate their control in favor of the nearby settlements.

He pointed out that the settlers’ attacks on the service infrastructure come in light of the limited financial capabilities of the local authorities, and the absence of official support and attention for the targeted areas to rehabilitate what the extremist settlers destroy.

(Source / 18.10.2020)

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