The seizure of 11,200 dunums in the Jordan Valley and approval of the construction of 3,212 new settlement units

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In one of the largest seizures, the occupation authorities seized 11,200 dunums in the Palestinian valleys today, Thursday, in favor of the so-called nature reserves.

The Director General of Documenting Occupation Violations at the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, Qassem Awad, said in a call to Al-Quds tonight that the occupation announced its seizure of 11,200 dunams, in favor of 3 Israeli nature reserves in the Palestinian Jordan Valley.

Awwad indicated that these reserves are located in Deir Hajla in Jericho, the other is south of Al-Jiftlik, near the settlement of “Maswah” built on citizens ‘lands, and the third is east of Ain Al-Hilweh and Al-Farisiya in the northern Jordan Valley in the area between the settlements of “Maskiot and Rutem”, which are located on citizens’ lands in the Jordan Valley.

He pointed out that during the coming period the occupation intends to announce four new areas as natural reserves in the West Bank, pointing out that most of the seizures fall under the clause of “natural reserves”. The occupation allocates its lands later for settlement construction, indicating that since the announcement of the deal of the century, the occupation has ratified and deposited it Plans to approve more than 12,000 settlement units in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

On the other hand, the so-called Planning and Building Council of the so-called “Civil Administration” of the Israeli occupation approved this evening, Thursday, the construction of 3,212 settlement units in various settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

According to the Hebrew newspaper “Israel Hayom”, this plan, which was approved, comes as a continuation of the plan announced yesterday with 2,166 other units, bringing the total number to 5,400 settlement units.

The plan was approved eight months after the committee abstained from meeting due to a political matter, by the American opposition.

This is the largest record in recent years of construction, and the scheme had to be approved in advance.

The “Yesha” Settlements Council said that efforts were made by settler leaders to resume construction again, stressing that construction in the settlements should not be used as a bargaining chip in any peace agreements.

He stressed the need to continue building freely without political conditions or approvals.

For its part, Peace Now said that the year 2020 is the peak year for strengthening construction plans in settlements, and that more than 90% of construction takes place in isolated settlements that are supposed to be evacuated under any future agreements.

According to the movement, 12,159 settlement units have been built so far in 2020, of which 11,091 are in isolated settlements, or about 91.2%, while 8.8% of the units will be built in settlements that the Geneva Accord model will be able to include as part of the land swap.

She indicated that this building is the record in construction since at least 2012.

(Source / 17.10.2020)

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