Israel Paves a New Way to Invade Gaza

Fields Road project
Fields Road project

The Israeli occupation army has completed the first phase of the Fields Road project in the Gaza ‘envelope’ area which paves a way for the Israeli military vehicles to infiltrate the borders and invade Gaza.

The army said in a statement on Thursday that this project aims to help the military vehicles and tanks reach the borders with Gaza without causing damages to the Israeli farmlands as of what happened in the 2014 Israeli offensive attack against the besieged Strip.

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In 2014, the Israeli military vehicles destroyed hundreds of dunams of Israeli farmlands on their way to invade Gaza.

After that attack, the Israeli authorities were forced to pay a 30 million NIS compensation to the Israeli farmers in the Gaza envelope area.

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The project is being implemented by the Israeli occupation army in cooperation with Kern Kimet Israel, Permanent Fund for Israel, and Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

The project costs around one million NIS (New Israeli Shekels) and is expected to be done within a year.

(Source / 15.10.2020)

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