Settlers desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque

Aqsa incursions

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC) – Dozens of Jewish settlers broke into the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli occupation police forces on Tuesday.

Local sources reported that the occupation police had opened the Maghareba Gate which is under its full control to secure settler incursions during the morning period.

The sources added that 19 settlers and three Israeli officers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque and roamed in its courtyards and performed their prayers in the eastern side of it under heavy police protection.

The settler groups carry out the incursions during the morning round which lasts for three and a half hours while the second evening round lasts for one hour.

The Israeli police are still obstructing the access of worshipers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque who live outside the Old City and the identities of some of its visitors are kept at the gates.

According to the so-called Temple Mount organizations, dozens of Jews who live hundreds of miles away stormed Al-Aqsa during the closure period.

Occupied Jerusalem is witnessing a comprehensive lockdown that began several days ago and continues for weeks due to Jewish holidays and the outbreak of the corona pandemic.

Jerusalemite activists warned that the racist Israeli policies against Palestinian Jerusalemites and worshipers, who are prevented from accessing the Al-Aqsa Mosque, are part of the plans to empty the Al-Aqsa Mosque and divide it.

The Minbar Al-Aqsa Foundation reported that 373 settlers broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the past week and during the Sukkot holiday.

The so-called Temple groups renewed their calls for expanding the incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the Jewish holidays. 

(Source / 13.10.2020)

Gaza: Crops destroyed during Israeli border incursion

IOf razed land in Gaza

GAZA, (PIC) – The Israeli occupation army on Tuesday morning destroyed vast swaths of cultivated land during a limited incursion into the southeastern area of the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to local sources, five armored bulldozers invaded the eastern area of Abasan and Khuza’ah, east of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, and bulldozed large swaths of agricultural lands.

Dozens of dunums planted with crops were destroyed by the army bulldozers.

Every once in a while, the Israeli army carries out wanton bulldozing activities and deliberately destroys swaths of agricultural land in the eastern border areas of Gaza.

(Source / 13.10.2020)

Miladinov announces the delivery of 14,000 corona test swabs to Gaza

The UN envoy for the Middle East peace process, Nikolai Miladinov, announced that the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip had delivered 14,000 additional swabs for coronavirus tests.

And Miladinov indicated in a tweet to him on his Twitter account, that the wipes came with the support of British institutions.

He indicated that these swabs were provided as part of the United Nations’ continued assistance to the Gaza Strip to confront the Corona pandemic.

(Source / 13.10.2020)

The occupation forces arrested 12 civilians in the West Bank, including three brothers

The Israeli occupation forces arrested, last night and at dawn today, (12) citizens from the West Bank, most of them from the town of Halhul in Hebron, according to the prisoner club.

The prisoner club said that seven former prisoners were arrested from the town of Halhul in Hebron, and they are: Yahya Sadiq Jahshn, the brothers Samer, Thaer, Omar Madia, Muhammad Mahmoud al-Saada, Muhammad Helmy Aql and Muhammad Saqr al-Bu.

The occupation also arrested a citizen from the town of Ya’bad in Jenin, who is Thabit Thameen in Ajjawi, and other citizens from Nablus, namely: Asaid Omar Asida (27 years) from the town of Tal, and Qasid Abdel Nasser Musa from the town of Qaryut, according to the Asir Club.

In addition to the detainees were Muhammad Raed Barham (23 years) from the town of Kafr Qaddum in Qalqilya, and Muhannad al-Bahri from the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem, according to the club.

(Source / 13.10.2020)

The occupation arrested 10 citizens during separate raids in the West Bank

Israeli occupation forces arrested 10 palestinians early Tuesday during separate raids in the West Bank.

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces arrested three citizens from Tulkarem: Samir Makhlou, Mohammed Abu Khalil and Mohammed Khreyoush.

From Qalqilya, the forces arrested mohammed Saleh Shtiwi, from the village of Kafr Kadum in the east.

From Ramallah, four citizens were arrested from different areas, where the occupation arrested the two young men, Mohammed Munir Nakhla and Daoud Rafik Al-Dabouba, from Jalazone refugee camp in the north, from the village of Beit Laqiya, and from The Kaddoura camp, mohammed al-Salhi was arrested.

Khalil Mohammed al-Sheikh, 22, from the village of Merah Rabah, south of Bethlehem, was arrested by the israeli occupation.
Mohammed Adwan was arrested during a raid on his family’s home in the al-Project area of the occupied Jerusalem town of Ezeriya.

(Source / 13.10.2020)

Egypt will not host Palestinian factions until after US election

Fatah Commissioner of National Affairs and Fatah Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad (2nd R) and Hamas Political Bureau member Saleh Aruri (2nd L) sign an agreement on building a consensus in Cairo, Egypt on 12 October, 2017 [Ahmed Gamil/Anadolu Agency]
Fatah Commissioner of National Affairs and Fatah Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad (2nd R) and Hamas Political Bureau member Saleh Aruri (2nd L) sign an agreement on building a consensus in Cairo, Egypt on 12 October, 2017

Egyptian MP Samir Ghattas has declared that Cairo will not host meetings for Palestinian factions without a detailed reconciliation or election plan.

Speaking to Al-Watan Voice yesterday, Ghattas said: “The indicators from Moscow come stronger than anywhere else.”

He added: “Hamas is currently busy in its internal elections and I am thinking that all sides are waiting until after 3 November or the outcomes of the American elections.”

The Egyptian MP stressed that the American presidential election “is an arbiter and it would accelerate or slow the regional calculations, including the Palestinian reconciliation and the elections.”

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(Source / 13.10.2020)

PA warns Israel about hunger striker

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh in Ramallah, West Bank on 9 June 2020 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]
Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh in Ramallah, West Bank on 9 June 2020 

The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority warned Israel on Monday about hunger-striker Maher Al-Akhras, who has been refusing food for 79 days in an Israeli prison, Anadolu has reported.

Mohammad Shtayyeh told his cabinet that the hunger-striker “is in a critically serious” condition.

Shtayyeh called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to stop the “illegal punishment represented by administrative detention” which sees Israel holding Palestinian prisoners for an indefinite period with neither charge nor trial.

He pointed out that Israel is holding 350 Palestinians in its prisons under administrative detention.

Al-Akhras was held on 27 July last year and detained under the cruel and inhuman system after harsh interrogation. He is on hunger strike in protest at his detention. Last week, his wife Taghreed joined his protest in an attempt to highlight his case.

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(Source / 13.10.2020)

Palestine PM: God help us if there are 4 more years of US’ Trump

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh speaks during the opening of the annual meeting of Council of the Socialist International on "The Two State Solution, Israel and Palestine, for Peace and a Future of Opportunities for the People of the Middle-East" in Ramallah, West Bank on 30 July 2019. [Issam Rimawi - Anadolu Agency]
Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh in Ramallah, West Bank on 30 July 2019 

Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh yesterday expressed concern if US President Donald Trump were to be re-elected into office in November, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“The election is very important. God help us, the EU and the whole world if there are four more years of Trump,” he told European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Trump has wasted four years of everyone’s time,” he added, referring to the US administration’s so-called Middle East ‘peace plan’.

“The ultimate deal was not delivered. Trump’s plan was rejected by the Palestinians, the Arabs and Europe…The US is just too biased.”

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Speaking before 80 representatives of different countries and parties in Europe, Shtayyeh urged the European Union (EU) to play an effective role in any future political process.

Calling for recognition of Palestine as an independent state, he said: “It is necessary to break the status quo that the Palestinian cause is passing through because of the Israeli occupation measures.”

During the meeting, he also called on Europe “to end the American monopoly of sponsoring the Middle East peace process through an international conference for peace in which all parties participate.”

“Any political process must depend on ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories on the basis of the two-state vision under international law and United Nations resolutions,” added Shtayyeh.

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The Palestinian official said a win for Joe Biden in the upcoming US presidential elections would lead to the reversal of Trump’s unilateral measures, such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, as well as improving Palestine’s relations with Israel and the US.

Pointing out the Palestinian leadership’s steps to “bring back democracy to life”, including preparing for elections, he reiterated the country’s readiness to engage in any “serious negotiations” based on international law and United Nations resolutions.

“We are the party to benefit most from any serious negotiations,” he stressed.

(Source / 13.10.2020)

JCB faces government probe over machinery used to demolish Palestinian homes

Israeli excavators demolish the homes of Palestinians in the West Bank on 23 September 2020 [Mamoun Wazwaz/Anadolu Agency]
Israeli excavators demolish the homes of Palestinians in the West Bank on 23 September 2020 

Manufacturing giant JCB is to be investigated by the British government following claims that machinery built by the company is used by the Israel Defence Forces to demolish Palestinian homes and build illegal colonial-settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

The news comes after Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR) lodged a complaint last year with Britain’s National Contact Point (NCP) for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, situated in the Department of International Trade. The lawyers involved claim that JCB contributes and is directly linked “through their business operations” to Israel’s home demolition policies targeting Palestinians.

The complaint alleges that JCB products have been used in incidents in ten villages or areas in the occupied Palestinian territories between 2016 and 2019. In total, 89 homes were demolished in these incidents, displacing at least 484 individuals.

The NCP said that complaints made by the charity against JCB in relation to the use of its machinery in Israel’s illegal demolitions and settlement construction in the occupied territories warranted further investigation.

According to the Guardian, the company gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson £25,000 for his leadership campaign. The firm has given the Conservative Party more than £10 million since 2010.

Tareq Shrourou, the director of LPHR, welcomed the NCP’s initial assessment and its call to liaise between the legal charity and JCB.

“JCB’s apparent failure to address the material and prolific use of its products in demolition and displacement incidents that cruelly impact Palestinian families, and also its use in settlement-related construction, which creates pervasive human rights violations, must cease immediately,” insisted Shrourou. “We look forward to engaging constructively with JCB and expect it will do the right thing by complying with its human rights responsibilities.”

The LPHR official added that the charity’s objective of ending JCB’s “unacceptable involvement in human rights violations against Palestinians should be a shared one.”

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(Source / 13.10.2020)

12 Palestinians Shot, Injured by Israeli Soldiers in Ramallah

Twelve Palestinian civilians were injured and others detained, Sunday, when Israeli forces stormed al-Am’ari refugee camp, south of Ramallah, in the central occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that 12 Palestinians suffered injuries and received medical care at the Palestine Medical Center in Ramallah.

Local sources said that a large Israeli military force invaded the refugee camp and broke into the home of the Abu-Arab family, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

The sources added that the soldiers detained the wife of Palestinian activist, Ayman Abu-Arab and his brothers Mohamed and Rajab, in an attempt to coerce him to turn himself in to authorities.

Israeli soldiers opened fire with live rounds and rubber-coated steel rounds at local Palestinians that objected to the military invasion, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

It added that the soldiers shot Palestinians with live rounds, while two others were shot with rubber-coated rounds. All 12 injuries were described as minor.

In related news, Israeli troops fired tear-gas at Palestinians, Sunday evening, in the village of Burin, southwest of Nablus in the northern West Bank, WAFA reported.

Israeli troops invaded the village, causing the civilian locals to resist the military incursion, to which Israeli forces reacted by shooting tear-gas and rubber-coated steel rounds at the protesters.

Many Palestinians suffered the toxic effects of tear-gas inhalation.

(Source / 13.10.2020)