Mark Ruffalo condemns Israel’s “assymetrical warfare” against the Palestinians

“There is no reason that an ally of America should not be held to the same standards as any other nation”, the Hollywood star said

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The United States (QNN)- The well-known Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo condemned the Israeli “asymmetric warfare” against the Palestinians and slammed Israel’s oppression and apartheid on the Mehdi Hasan Show on Wednesday night.

The star, known for playing the Hulk, said “there is no reason that an ally of America should not be held to the same standards as any other nation.”about:blankFacebook URL

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Ruffalo added that conversations with Palestinians and “hearing their stories” connected him to the issue.

“Watching this asymmetrical warfare being acted upon them, and violence being acted upon them, and who pays the price? The citizenry,” Ruffalo said.

“What I see there is wrong,” he added.

Ruffalo added that after announcing his support for the Palestinian cause, he “was called an anti-semite,” which was “really tough” to hear.”

“The fact that so many people will take it to that extreme, when you’re talking about that kind of inequality, that kind of oppression, that kind of apartheid,” he said.

Ruffalo also compared Israeli racism and apartheid system to the situation in the United States, saying “and here we are in America, and we’re looking at the very same thing. I mean, this is kind of an apartheid system. There is two Americas. There is the BIPOC America and there is the white America and that’s an injustice.”

Ruffalo has previously criticized the occupation state. In 2014, he condemned the Israeli aggression on Gaza, tweeting news on the Israeli bombardment of Gaza’s only rehabilitation hospital.

He is also known for advocating progressive leaders such as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn in the US and UK.

(Source / 09.10.2020)

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