Injuries during a settler attack on an olive harvesting activity in Huwara

A number of citizens were injured today, Wednesday, as a result of settlers’ assault on participants actively harvesting olives in the town of Huwara, south of Nablus.

Local sources reported that dozens of settlers, protected by the occupation forces, attacked the participants with a volunteer event within the “Olive Fear of 2020” campaign, which took place in the Lahef area, with the participation of a wide range of volunteers from national figures, village councils and popular resistance activists.

The sources added that settlers, under the protection of the army, attacked the participants with stones and set fire to agricultural lands, while the occupation soldiers fired bullets and tear gas canisters at the participants.

Three civilians were injured by bruises and fractures as a result of being hit by stones, and three others were wounded by metal bullets and tear gas.

The coordinator of the “Fazaa Zaitoun” campaign, Muhammad Al-Khatib, said that the campaign aims to help farmers harvest olives in the seam areas and lands threatened with confiscation, and to protect the Palestinian farmer from attacks by settlers and occupation soldiers.

He added that the campaign will continue until the end of the current season and will focus on the areas most vulnerable to settler attacks.

(Source / 08.10.2020)

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