First Palestinian doctor to pass away due to COVID-19

the Palestinian doctor Harb Redwan (51 years)
Palestinian doctor Harb Redwan (51 years)

Days of Palestine – Hebron – A Palestinian doctor from Hebron died on Thursday after being infected with Coronavirus in the south of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources announced the death of the Palestinian doctor Harb Redwan (51 years) from the town of Kharas – Hebron, inside Al-Ahli Hospital, after he was infected with the Coronavirus.

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Doctor Radwan passed away after severe complications, and he is the first case of the deaths of doctors practicing their work to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Doctors Syndicate, represented by Dr. Shawqi Subha mourned Dr. Harb Redwan, and offers their condolences to his family for what it described as “a face like a wet weekend “

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The Syndicate described Dr. Redwan as “the lost of the white army,” asking his family and colleagues patience and condolences.

This is the first death from Corona for a doctor practicing in Palestine, and the second for Palestinian doctors in general, as the retired doctor Muhammad Numan Abu Harbeed (68 years) died in Gaza last month.

The Director General of Al-Ahl Hospital, Dr. Youssef Al-Takrouri, confirmed the death of Doctor Harb Radwan (51 years), due to his infection with COVID-19 in late September.

Al-Takrouri added: “The late humanitarian doctor Harb did not suffer from previous diseases, and he had contracted the virus about a week ago. He received treatment at Dura Governmental Hospital for two days before we transferred him to Al-Ahli Hospital, where he stayed in the intensive care unit for about five days, until He passed away this morning.”

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry announced that a number of Palestinian doctors had died while working to treat Corona patients, in Russia, Spain and Italy.

According to the Ministry of Health’s official COVID-19 updates website, Palestine has recorded a total of 53,939 cases and close to 46,000 recoveries.

Experts predicted a “tough fall and winter” in Palestine, and recommended citizens to wear a mask and to sanitize regularly in order to curb the spread of the virus.

(Source / 08.10.2020)

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