Hunger-striking prisoner in critical condition

Jenin (QNN)- The health of the hunger-striking prisoner Maher Al Akhras is deteriorating and he is currently in critical condition, according to his wife.

The wife of Mher Al Akhras said that her husband loses consciousness from time to time and cannot move. He also has repeated seizures and sometimes he does not recognize those around him.

She added after visiting him at the Israeli Kaplan hospital that his only condition to end the hunger strike is to get his freedom back. “Either freedom or martyrdom”, he said according to his wife.

Al Akhras has been on a hunger strike for 69 days, demanding to end his administrative detention.

Administrative detention is incarceration without trial or charge, alleging that a person plans to commit a future offense. It has no time limit, and the evidence on which it is based is not disclosed. The occupation state employs this measure extensively and routinely, and has used it to hold thousands of Palestinians for lengthy periods of time.

(Source / 03.10.2020)

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