The occupation has detained 65 bodies of Palestinian martyrs since the 2015 gift

Nashat Al-Wahidi, a member of the National Campaign to Retrieve the Bodies of the Martyrs, stated that the Israeli occupation is still holding 65 bodies of Palestinian martyrs who died in what was known as the “Gift of Jerusalem” on the first of October 2015.

Al-Wahidi explained in a press statement that among these martyrs, 12 died during the return marches that began on the 30th of March 2018, in addition to 5 martyrs from Khan Yunis who were martyred during an air bombardment at the borders of that area, and 6 prisoners who were martyred after the endowment due to torture and neglect. Deliberate medical.

Al-Wahidi said that the occupation continues to detain the bodies of 230 Palestinian martyrs for many years.

Al-Wahidi, who is the spokesman for the Martyrs and Prisoners Commission of Fatah movement in Gaza, said that these Israeli racist policies of kidnapping and detaining the bodies of Palestinian martyrs fall within the framework of war crimes and deny all international and humanitarian agreements.

(Source / 02.10.2020)

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