Euro-Med Monitor: Israel targets human rights organizations in the Palestinian territories to restrict their activities

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Today, Thursday, a human rights organization accused the occupation state of targeting human rights organizations in the Palestinian territories with the aim of restricting their activities.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, in a statement, expressed its grave concern about the escalation of Israeli “violations” against human rights organizations and human rights defenders in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Euro-Med Monitor stated that this is taking place “in the absence of any serious action from the international community to address these violations and end the policy of impunity.”

The Observatory said that it presented a joint statement with the “International Institute for Rights” during the 45th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, in which it reviewed examples of Israeli “attacks” against human rights defenders in the Palestinian territories.

The statement stated that the Euro-Med Monitor, its head, Rami Abdo, and some of its employees are constantly subjected to Israeli harassment, including smear campaigns, and restrictions on work and movement.

The statement indicated that, since September 2019, the Israeli occupation authorities have prevented Amnesty International activist “Laith Abu Ziyad” from accompanying his mother to East Jerusalem, where she is receiving chemotherapy for cancer, under the pretext of unspoken “security reasons”, and these reasons are usually just revenge for his activities. In documenting Israeli “violations”.

The statement called on the international community to “challenge the systematic Israeli policy of subjugating voices critical of its practices and violations in the Palestinian territories, and work to support the presence of these organizations to ensure the continued monitoring and documentation of Israeli violations, in a way that contributes to holding Israel accountable for these violations.”

(Source / 02.10.2020)

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