Jewish holiday, Ibrahimi Mosque closed to Muslim worshipers

AL-KHALIL, PALESTINOW.COM — The Israeli occupation army has closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil city to Muslim worshipers and intensified its military measures in the Old City and around it at the pretext of securing the area for Jewish celebrations.

Sheikh Hefdi Abu Sneineh, director of the Ibrahimi Mosque’s affairs, said that a large number of Israeli forces were deployed in the Old City and the vicinity of the Mosque and restricted the movement of local residents.

Sheikh Abu Sneineh added that the Israeli army closed on Sunday evening the Ibrahimi Mosque in its entirety to Muslim worshipers and would lift the closure at 10:00 pm on Monday, pointing out that Jewish settlers pitched tents in the Mosque’s yards.

He condemned such Israeli measure, describing it as “one of the most severe acts of injustice” and “contrary to all religious and human norms.”

(Source / 29.09.2020)

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