Conditions of Palestinians in Israeli prisons are leading towards explosion, says official

Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails for resisting the occupation. (File photo)
Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails for resisting the occupation (File photo)

The conditions of the Palestinians in the various Israeli prisons and detention centers are leading towards escalation and explosion in the event the Israel Prisons Service (IPS) continues its denigrating policies against prisoners and the suffocating restrictions against them, today said Qadri Abu Bakr, head of the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Commission in the Palestinian Authority.

He said that Israeli occupation authorities have continued, since the beginning of this year, an unprecedented policy of oppression and abuse against the prisoners forbidding them for months to get money from their families for their canteen accounts, especially the Gaza prisoners, as well as not allowing entry of clothes and cigarettes.

The IPS has also denied family visitations for hundreds of prisoners under feeble and false pretenses.

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Abu Bakr said prisoners in some prisons have already started escalation measures against these policies by returning meals, warning that more escalating steps could be taken in the coming period if the occupation authorities continue to mistreat the prisoners, deny them their rights and make life very difficult for them.

(Source / 29.09.2020)

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