Rjoub: Arab capitals are closed to us and we agreed with Hamas to have full partnership

Ramallah (QNN)- The Secretary of Fatah movement, Jibril Al Rjoub, said on Thursday that Arab capitals have closed its doors to Palestinians.

In an interview on Hamas TV. channel Al Aqsa, Rjoub said that Arab capitals have closed its doors to Palestinians.

“It is a shame that Arab capitals have closed their doors to us and there is not even a single capital or leader, who hailed the Palestinian rapprochement”, Rjoub said.

“We will respect the results of the next elections whatever they are”, he added, noting that Fatah believes that the results of the election have to lead to a Government of national unity.

Rjoub stressed that “we got the blessing of Hamas, Fatah, and other factions on what had been agreed”, noting that the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas confirmed in a phone call that he will not reject any of what had been agreed.

Rjoub added that not even a single Arab country hailed the results of the meetings, unlike Turkey, which “welcomed us, facilitated our travel, and never intervened in any of the discussions’ details.”

(Source / 25.09.2020)

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