Palestinian Voices: Freedom song

The Palestinian Voices Gaza-based team released on Tuesday a new song called “Palestine’s Freedom Song” to tell the world that Palestine and the Palestinian people deserve complete freedom.

Directed by Abdalrahim Alfarra, a Palestinian activist based in Gaza Strip and the founder of the Palestinian Voices Team.

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The audience of Palestinian Voices admired the lyrics of the song, which reflect the Palestinian dream of obtaining complete freedom, which is one of the most basic human rights.

Two Palestinian children, Diana and Emilia al-Rumi, who live in the Khan Younis camp, who are both refugees, sang the song with a gorgeous voice.

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Diana and Emilia are sisters. They had been training on the song for months, Alfarra said.

Palestinian Voices from Gaza — a team of competent, motivated & committed people of all ages and genders, eager to deliver the Palestinian narrative.

Enjoy the fabulous song:

(Source / 09.09.2020)

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