Israeli forces close off northern entrance to Salfit following alleged attack

Settler rail line to Israel latest land grab, Palestinians say | News | Al  Jazeera

SALFIT, Sunday, September 6, 2020 (WAFA) – Israeli forces closed off today the northern entrance to the occupied West Bank city of Salfit, local sources said.

Sources told WAFA Israeli soldiers deployed heavily in the area, closing off the northern entrance of Salfit and preventing people from entering or leaving, in the aftermath of an alleged stabbing attack that took place in the area.

No further information was provided regarding the alleged attack.

(Source / 06.09.2020)

Presidency: Only the Palestinians, not the US or Israel, will draw the map of Palestine

Presidency: Only the Palestinians, not the US or Israel, will draw the map of Palestine

RAMALLAH, Sunday, September 6, 2020 (WAFA) – Nabil Abu Rudaieh, spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, said today that only the Palestinian people, and not the United States or Israel, has the right to draw the map of the State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

He said the recent meeting of the secretary-generals of the Palestinian factions, headed by President Abbas, sends a “strong and clear message that lays the foundation of a new phase of steadfastness in the face of all the conspiracies targeting our cause”.

“The meeting carried the message of the Palestinian people and their leadership to all, that this is the historic moment to protect our homeland, sanctities and national identity,” Abu Rudeineh added.

He continued, “In his important speech before the meeting in which he spoke on behalf of the Palestinian people, President Mahmoud Abbas set a new dimension for the next phase, based on the inclusive relationship of the Palestinian people, built upon the national constants and the high interests of our people.”

“Having the courage to take serious positions at this critical stage that the Palestinian issue is going through marks the beginning of an important stage for thwarting the colonial intervention on the land of Palestine,” said Abu Rudeineh. “The unified Palestinian people and leadership will maintain our national constants in order to establish an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders.”

“By preserving Jerusalem and its sanctities and preserving the independent national decision led by the Palestine Liberation Organization under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas, and with the resilience of the Palestinian people and their determination and will, we will overcome the dangerous stage that threatens the future of the entire region,” he concluded.

(Source / 06.09.2020)

Report: New industrial settlement area in Tulkarem province devotes annexation

The Palestinian Liberation Organization’s National Office for Land Defense and Resistance to Settlement considered that the establishment of the occupation of a new industrial zone on the lands of Tulkarm governorate is tantamount to consecrating the annexation and erasure of the Green Line.

The office said in its weekly report today, which monitors Israeli violations, that it is in a new step that reflects all the meanings of underestimating international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, which criminalize settlement in all its forms and consider it a form of war crimes on the one hand and respond to UAE claims to stop annexation schemes on the other hand. The Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry, Eli Cohen, announced that a new industrial zone will be established by the occupation state on the lands of villages south of Tulkarm, to be the second after the “Nitzani Shalom” (Gishuri factories) area south of the city.

He pointed out that the occupation intends to establish a new industrial settlement belt on the lands of the villages of Shufa and Jabara (Tulkarm district), and linking it to the lands of the city of al-Taybeh in the Triangle, to meet with another settlement industrial belt close to the same place that the occupation state calls “Nitzni Shalom Park” (Buds of Peace) While the settlement to which this park belongs is called “Nitzni Oz,” meaning “buds of courage,” and it goes north to the Wadi Ara area, where in the 1980s the occupation established “Katzir” and “Harish” settlements on both sides of the Green Line, according to the well-known Sharon plan The seven-star diagram. As for the aim behind this, it is to erase the Green Line, that is, the borders between the 1948 areas and the 1967 areas in Palestine, and to obliterate its features with settlements and industrial cities to emphasize the difficulty of the subsequent withdrawal to the borders of June 4.

The National Office said: The matter does not stop at the boundaries of stealing the land and obliterating its features by planting it in settlements and the industrial zones attached to them, but goes beyond that towards establishing a state of actual annexation, which, as Israeli leaders and settlement council leaders think, is difficult to undo, as these industrial projects are being exploited. As an engine to attract industries and companies to invest in settlements in the occupied West Bank, to strengthen the Jewish presence there to live and work together, and to move from a policy promoted in the early 1990s by the governments of Israel, especially after the signing of the Oslo Accords between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, “I live in Ariel and work in Tel Aviv” to Housing and work policy in the same place.

He explained that the work on the new settlement belt is in advanced stages of establishing the settlement industrial zone, as a significant increase in the price of land has been observed, from about five thousand dollars per acre to more than 22 thousand. According to a map published on a website affiliated with the Planning Administration in Israel, the goal is to confiscate about 800 dunums and change the allocation of the land from an agricultural area and an approved road, to industrial and commercial areas, transportation, buildings, public institutions, open areas, parking lots and roads, and the industrial zone will extend from within the city of Taibeh in The lands occupied in 1948, even the settlement of “Evni Hefetz” built on Palestinian lands in Tulkarm.

The occupation authorities promote that this settlement activity and these “industrial settlement belts” are vast areas for Palestinian-Israeli coexistence, after the land was stolen from its owners, and they were transformed into workers in it at the mercy of the occupation. For some time, the occupation has been paving roads between the settlements of “Seleit” and “Avni Hefetz”, which are established on the lands of these villages and the new industrial zone. In the event that the occupation authorities manage to establish this industrial zone, it will be one of about 25 areas established by the occupation within or in the extension of hundreds of settlement outposts (settlements and outposts) in the West Bank, which includes hundreds of industrial establishments, most of which produce materials containing harmful waste that cause obvious damage to the environment. And health.

In the context, the occupation forces brutally suppressed a march organized by dozens of farmers, activists, and press crews in the lands of the threatened area to reject the establishment of that industrial zone. The occupation forces surrounded the activists and prevented them from advancing, and when some of the participants tried to get closer, they severely beat them. The activist and the liberated prisoner, Khairy Hanoun, was subjected to a deliberate attempt at murder during his participation in the march, where he was subjected to horrific abuse that targeted him personally as a result of his participation in the marches that are organized against the confiscation of lands in the governorate.

Returning to the beginnings of the occupation, the occupation authorities have rushed since 1967 to take a continuous series of arbitrary measures against the Palestinian people and their properties. They confiscated large areas of their lands for the benefit of their settlement projects, and spent billions in building settlements and outposts and invested on a large scale in building settlement industrial zones. And it gave her great privileges. Like construction in settlement housing units, settlement industrial zones, in addition to being one of the means of plundering Palestinian lands, provide job opportunities that attract more settlers, in addition to the transfer of some dangerous Israeli industries to the Palestinian lands. It is estimated that there are more than 300 Israeli factories in the West Bank distributed in belts and settlement industrial zones, most of which are industries that are extremely dangerous to the environment and health.

These areas and settlement industrial belts are distributed over the various governorates in the West Bank, such as the industrial zone of Shahak belonging to the settlement of Shaked in the Jenin governorate, the factories for purification, packaging, packaging and export of dates in Tubas governorate and the Jordan Valley, as well as industries for agricultural and animal wealth belonging to the settlement of “Shdmot Mihula” and the industrial area of ​​Alon Moreh of the settlement of “Alon Moreh” in Nablus governorate, which specializes in the aluminum industry, leather tanning industry, chemical cleaning products, plastics, fiberglass, and the Nitzani Shalom industrial area in Tulkarm Governorate, west of Tulkarm on the Green Line, which includes factories Gishuri, Shahaf, Yamit and others specializing in the production of pesticides, agricultural fertilizers, fiberglass for thermal insulation and others, and the industrial zone of the settlement of “Alfei Menashe” and “Karni Shomron” and “Ammanuel and Kadumim, distributed between Nablus and Qalqilya governorates, specializing in the manufacture of cleaning materials, aluminum, fiberglass tubes, paper industry, iron and other industries, and industrial areas in Salfit governorate, which are distributed over the Barkan industrial area, Ariel industrial area, Ali Zahav industrial area, and Al-Kanah industrial area, where it spreads Plastic industry, iron industry, food products, leather tanning, batteries, aluminum industry and air conditioners, which are affiliated with the existing settlements in the governorate, and the industrial zone “Maale Ephraim” in Jericho governorate, which specializes in manufacturing masks against gases, chemical weapons, military industrial products, and others.Distributed between Nablus and Qalqilya governorates, which specializes in the manufacture of cleaning materials, aluminum, fiberglass tubes, paper industry, iron industry, etc., and industrial areas in Salfit Governorate, distributed over Barkan industrial area, Ariel industrial area, Ali Zahav industrial area, and Al-Kanah industrial area, where the plastic and iron industry are widespread, And food products, leather tanning, batteries, aluminum industry and air-conditioners, which belong to the existing settlements in the governorate, and the Ma’aleh Ephraim industrial zone in Jericho governorate, which specializes in manufacturing masks against gases and chemical weapons, and military industrial products, among others.Distributed between Nablus and Qalqilya governorates, which specializes in the manufacture of cleaning materials, aluminum, fiberglass tubes, paper industry, iron industry, etc., and industrial areas in Salfit Governorate, distributed over Barkan industrial area, Ariel industrial area, Ali Zahav industrial area, and Al-Kanah industrial area, where the plastic and iron industry are widespread, And food products, leather tanning, batteries, aluminum industry and air-conditioners, which belong to the existing settlements in the governorate, and the Ma’aleh Ephraim industrial zone in Jericho governorate, which specializes in manufacturing masks against gases and chemical weapons, and military industrial products, among others.The industrial area, where the plastic industry, iron industry, food products, leather tanning, batteries, aluminum industry and air-conditioning industry are widespread. And others.The industrial area, where the plastic industry, iron industry, food products, leather tanning, batteries, aluminum industry and air-conditioning industry are widespread. And others.

In the central and southern areas of the West Bank, industrial settlement areas and belts are also spread. On the lands of Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, there are a number of Israeli settlement industrial zones, such as the Modi’in Illit industrial zone, the Mafo Horon industrial zone, the Halamish industrial zone and the Shilo industrial zone, which depend On the leather, fiberglass and cement industry, the leather tanning industry, the rubber and plastic industry, the aluminum industry, and the plastics industry, while there are two industrial zones on the lands of the Jerusalem governorate: the “Mishor Adumim” industrial zone that belongs to the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim and the Binyamin industrial zone that follows this area “Kokhav Yaqoub” settlement, which specializes in the manufacture of plastics, cement, leather tanning, detergents, dyeing fabrics, aluminum, and the manufacture and manufacture of wine and food supplies.The industrial zone belts are also spread in the Bethlehem and Hebron governorates. In the Bethlehem governorates there are the industrial zone “Beitar Illit” affiliated to the settlement of “Beitar Illit” and the industrial zone “Efrat”, which specializes in the manufacture of chemicals, chlorine, etc., bread industry, professional services, real estate studies and provision Advice, conclusions, some accounting services, and others. There are four settlement industrial zones in the Hebron governorate in: “Kiryat Arba”, “Gush Etzion”, “Nahal Oz” and others.Kiryat Arba, Gush Etzion, Nahal Oz, and others.Kiryat Arba, Gush Etzion, Nahal Oz, and others.

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged, again, during a press conference accompanied by Jared Kushner, son-in-law and senior advisor to US President Donald Trump and US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, in Jerusalem, not to evacuate any settlement or evacuate any settler in the West Bank . In this context also, the absolute majority of the members of the Israeli Knesset supports a bill requiring a public referendum before evacuating any settlement in the West Bank, which was prepared by the Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Zvi Hauser, and has the support of deputies from Likud, Yemina, Yisrael Beiteinu, and Haredi parties. This represents 68 deputies out of 120, as the bill will be put to the vote in the Knesset within weeks. The law aims to prevent the implementation of the Supreme Court’s decision, from last week, to evacuate and demolish homes in the settlement of Mitzpe Karamim, as they were built on land owned by Palestinians Especially

In its report, the National Office documented all the violations committed by the occupation, and they were as follows:

Jerusalem: The Jerusalemite occupation authorities forced Khaled Mahmoud Bashir to demolish his home in Jabal Al Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem. In order to avoid paying the costs in the event that the bulldozers of the occupation demolish it, after the family gave it 10 days to self-demolish it. The two brothers, Abd al-Salam and Uday al-Razim, proceeded to demolish their homes in the Ashqaria neighborhood in the town of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, to avoid the exorbitant fines imposed by the occupation authorities after they demolished the house, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Settlers take advantage of the security cordon and military orders that prevent citizens from accessing their property, shops, and heritage homes, whether to occupy or repair them, and attack them in a number of ways, including seizing abandoned houses, working to repair them, changing their internal and external features, and residing in them. They demolished five houses belonging to Fayez Amreziq al-Faqir, Omran Yusef Burqan, Youssef Saeed Al-Anjouri, Jaafar Al-Qadi, and Youssef Al-Ajlouni, and gave them 96 hours before the demolition began. Citizen Faraj Ghaith. And two inhabited houses in Khirbet Janba, southeast of Yatta, belong to the two brothers, Mahmoud and Fadl Issa Rabei, each measuring 60 square meters.

Bethlehem: The occupation forces seized a large quantity of stone and special bricks for building houses in Tuqu ‘town, southeast of Bethlehem. It stormed the Al-Halqum area, west of the town, and seized 15 packages of building stones and the same bricks belonging to Mohammed Fahd Shaawria from his house, which is under construction, under the pretext of not being licensed. The occupation threatened the citizen not to continue building his house, knowing that he had previously received notification to stop building in it.

Ramallah: 4 civilians from Kafr Malik village, east of Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, were injured, one of them was seriously injured, a pregnant citizen in her ninth month, after settlers threw stones at their car, near the town of Turmus Aya, and the occupation forces confiscated a package of building materials, which was intended to build a school. Tahadi “in the Bedouin Wadi al-Teen community, located near the village of Kafr Malik, east of Ramallah. It also stormed the Bedouin community of Wadi al-Siq near the village of Deir Dibwan, east of Ramallah, and photographed the residents’ homes and Barakas inside the community, before their withdrawal from the place. It is noteworthy that the bulldozers of the occupation demolished on the twenty-fifth of this month, eight houses in the assembly, and displaced their residents. It is noteworthy that Wadi Al-Siq is located within the areas threatened by annexation, along the “Ayalon” settlement road.

Salfit: The occupation authorities delivered notices to a number of citizens to stop construction in their homes under construction in the town of Kafr al-Deek, west of Salfit, and the homes are owned by: Muhammad Darwish, Diaa Ziyad Darwish, Yassin Ali Ahmed, Hani Deek, Nafiz Ali Ahmed, and Reda Hamad And Ashraf Nagy and Gamal Mostafa Moussa. The occupation also delivered notices to stop construction in agricultural rooms, belonging to citizens Ahmed Abdel Rahim Deeb and Mahmoud Azat Ali Ahmed. The occupation forces and their bulldozers continue to raze and confiscate tens of dunams of lands on the eastern side of the village of Iskaka, which is adjacent to the settlement of “Novi Nehemia”, where legal follow-up is carried out in coordination between the governorate, the village council and the competent authorities after the residents provide the necessary documents.

Nablus: Settlers stormed the archaeological site in the town of Sebastia, north of Nablus, amid tight protection from the occupation forces, and it spread extensively, and closed the archaeological site to the citizens. And the occupation forces prevented work on constructing an agricultural road in the village of Jaloud, southeast of Nablus, in the southern area behind Jaloud Secondary School, in the area that is constantly exposed to fierce attacks by settlers. The agricultural road is on 40 dunums of land belonging to the village council, and the goal behind the construction of the agricultural road is to enable dozens of farmers to reach their fields planted with olives to the south of the school. Settlers destroyed a group of Palestinian vehicles after throwing stones and empty bottles near the settlement of “Ali”, south of Nablus.

The Jordan Valley: The policy of harassment of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley continues within the scheme of forced displacement and racial cleansing, as a group of settlers from the “Maskiyot” settlement have installed more tents, installations and livestock pens, and fenced off large areas of neighboring lands in the Abu al-Qandoul area, south of Ain al-Hilweh, in the northern Jordan Valley, in order to expand the outpost. Settlement, which they had established previously. The residents of Ain al-Hilweh, despite their lack of all the necessities of life, are waging their daily battle to continue their lives, in light of the continuing threats of the occupation. Ain al-Hilweh is considered one of the Bedouin communities that follow the Wadi al-Malih area.

(Source / 06.09.2020)

The occupation arrested a woman and a young man from Jerusalem after they were abused

The Israeli occupation forces arrested a woman in the Old City of Jerusalem, after harassing her, while another force arrested a young man in Issawiya, north of the city, after the attack on him.

And local sources reported that the occupation forces detained and arrested a Jerusalemite whose identity was unknown after the attack on it in the Bab al-Asbat area in occupied Jerusalem.

The occupation forces arrested the young Mutasim Hamza Ubaidah from the town of Al-Issawiya after harassing him, in conjunction with closing one of the town’s entrances and preventing citizens from moving.

(Source / 06.09.2020)

Hamas denies any link to far-right US group Boogaloo Bois

Armed members of the Boogaloo Bois march with Black Lives Matter protesters on July 25, 2020 in Richmond, Virginia [Eze Amos/Getty Images]
Armed members of the Boogaloo Bois march with Black Lives Matter protesters on July 25, 2020 in Richmond, Virginia

Palestinian resistance group Hamas has denied any link to the far-right extremist movement Boogaloo Bois in the United States, reports Anadolu Agency.

American and Israeli media reported that two members from Boogaloo Bois group were arrested by US authorities and charged with conspiring to support Hamas.

Media reports said that the US Justice Department accused both Michael Robert Solomon, 30, and Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, of providing material support to a “foreign terrorist organisation”.

“We decry the US administration attempt to link Hamas to any member of this group,” the Palestinian movement said in a statement.

“This is a desperate attempt to discredit the movement at the request of Israel or its extremist leadership,” it added.

Hamas said that it is a “Palestinian national liberation movement whose struggle is only directed against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and does not interfere in the internal affairs of any state around the world”.

The Boogaloo Bois is a far-right US group that is hostile to the US public institutions and the government, and allegedly say they are preparing for a second American Civil War which they call the “boogaloo”. The group members appeared carrying arms in the protests in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd under the knees of a US police officer.

(Source / 06.09.2020)

Gaza reports 162 new coronavirus cases

A view of a nearly empty street during the lockdown in Gaza City, Gaza on August 30, 2020 [Ali Jadallah / Anadolu Agency]
A view of a nearly empty street during the lockdown in Gaza City, Gaza on August 30, 2020

Palestinian health authorities confirmed 162 new infections from the coronavirus pandemic in the blockaded Gaza Strip on Sunday.

In a statement, the Gaza’s Health Ministry said the enclave’s tally rose to 969 confirmed cases, including seven deaths and 89 recoveries.

“The number of active cases in Gaza rose to 873,” the ministry said, calling on residents to abide by health protocols to help stem the virus’ spread in the strip.

Overall in Palestine, the Health Ministry registered five fatalities, 433 infections and 224 recoveries in the past 24 hours. The ministry said the total count in the Palestinian territories rose to 33,250 cases, including 198 deaths, and 22,586 recoveries.

The Gaza Strip is home to two million Palestinians in cities, towns and refugee camps squeezed within an area of 360 square km (139 square miles), with its borders sealed off by neighbouring Israel and Egypt.

Authorities have imposed a full or partial curfew across the Gaza Strip since 24 August, following the diagnosis of the first case of COVID-19 in the community.

It is worth noting that the Gaza Strip has been under a strict Israeli blockade for over 14 consecutive years, however, under pressure from the Palestinian resistance, Israel agreed to allow the entry of medical equipment necessarily needed for testing and treating COVID-19 patients.

Read: Spike in coronavirus cases in Gaza worries main UN aid group

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Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Injure 3 Palestinians, Suffocate Others

Three Palestinian workers were shot, Friday, by Israeli forces near Habla town, south of Qalqilia city in the northern West Bank, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

The PRCS said the three workers were heading home from work when Israeli soldiers opened fire and shot them. They were all transferred to the hospital by the PRCS crews.

A number of Palestinians, on Friday, suffered the toxic effects of tear-gas during confrontations between youths and the Israeli army, in Deir Abu Misha’al village, in the central occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Local sources stated that Israeli troops stormed the village, located west of Ramallah, firing rubber-coated steel rounds, tear-gas, and stun grenades towards the protesting civilians and homes, adding that several citizens choked on toxic tear-gas.

(Source / 06.09.2020)

Two Palestinians Shot, Injured, and Detained by Israeli Soldiers in Jenin

Two Palestinian brothers, on Saturday, suffered injuries from live rounds fired by Israeli troops, in the Jenin refugee camp, in northern West Bank, local sources reported.

Sources told a reporter for the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that a large force of Israeli soldiers, with a special undercover unit, invaded the camp and stormed the al-Jad’oun home, amid intensive gunfire.

The sources added that soldiers shot the two brothers, identified as Ahmed and Mohamed al-Jad’oun, whom both suffered multiple gun shot wounds inflicted by Israeli soldiers.

Their father told the PIC reporter that he witnessed soldiers opening fire at his sons, striking one of them in his neck and abdomen, before they carried the injured men away.

It was also noted that local youths confronted the army as they withdrew from the refugee camp.

According to witnesses, occupation forces opened live fire at the al-Jad’oun brothers, injuring them both and transferring them by stretcher to an army ambulance, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

Unconfirmed reports said that one young man was shot in the neck and abdomen, and the other in the thigh, their conditions were not immediately known.

Al-Jad’oun brothers home, Jenin – Sept. 5, 2020

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Pictures| Israeli police storm Al Aqsa mosque, place loudspeakers on roof

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Directorate of Islamic Waqf said that tension prevailed in the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque today when the Israeli police stormed the holy mosque and placed loudspeakers and electronic devices.

the directorate added in a statement issued today that the Israeli police, accompanied by Israeli special forces, stormed the Al Aqsa mosque from Al Asbat gate and placed loudspeakers and electronic devices at the northern wall of the mosque.

The statement added that the raid took place after the Islamic Waqf rejected an Israeli order to open the gate of the minaret of Al Asbat gate a few days ago. The Israeli police used ladders to reach the top of the northern wall.

Meanwhile, dozens of Israeli extremists stormed the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque today under strict protection by the Israeli police and special forces.

(Source / 06.09.2020)

Israeli army shoots, arrests Palestinian young man in Salfit

Salfit (QNN)- The Israeli army opened fire at a Palestinian young man before arresting him today in Salfit, claiming that he tried to stab armed Israeli soldiers near an illegal settlement.

Israeli media claimed that a young man tried to stab Israeli soldiers near the illegal settlement of Aeriel in the North of the West Bank, which pushed them to open fire at him.

The young man has been reportedly wounded in his leg. The Israeli army arrested him after he tried to escape.

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