Israeli forces kidnap 3 young men from Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation police on Tuesday evening kidnaped three young men from their homes in Shu’afat refugee camp, northeast of Jersualem. 

According to local sources, a large number of police forces stormed Shu’afat camp and kidnaped three teenagers, with no known reason.

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As in other areas of Jerusalem, the Israeli police systematically storm the camp to persecute families, make arrests or demolish homes.

In another incident, police forces on the same day stormed the house of ex-detainee Shuaib Abu Sneina in the east Jerusalem district of Silwan and summoned his wife for interrogation.

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According to the family of Abu Sneina, the forces ransacked the house before ordering Abu Sneina’s wife to go to a detention center to grill her about her husband, an exile who lives in Gaza.

The police also confiscated a sum of money (about 1,800 shekels) from the house.

Abu Sneina had been arrested in 1998 and sentenced to life in prison before he was released as part of the 2011 prisoner swap deal between Hamas and the Israeli government and later banished to Gaza.

(Source / 02.09.2020)

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