Human Rights Center warns of a dangerous deterioration in Gaza

Hemaya Center For Human Rights warned on Monday of a dangerous deterioration that has begun to affect all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip as a result of the imposition of a comprehensive curfew and the pandemic of coronavirus within the community, as well as the Israeli occupation authorities’ tightening of the siege and imposing more restrictions on the enclave.

The Center stressed in a press statement, that “what the occupation authorities are doing constitutes collective punishment against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip that is tantamount to a crime against humanity according to the Rome Statute.”

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It called for speeding up the re-fueling of the power station and ensure citizens’ access to basic goods and services to avoid a real humanitarian disaster.

Hemaya called on the World Health Organization, the Arab League and friendly countries to work on facilitating the entry of the necessary medical equipment to deal with the pandemic.

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It also called for pressuring Israel to respect the international law and lift the siege imposed on Gaza for the fourteenth year, in addition to assuming its responsibilities as the occupying power towards the inhabitants of the occupied territories.

(Source / 01.09.2020)

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