Israel detains six Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces last night detained six Palestinians, including a minor, during raids across the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

In Jenin, north of the West Bank, undercover Israeli troops laid an ambush and abducted a Palestinian young man, identified as Yaser Walid Khzemiya, near the city.

In Ramallah, in the center of the West Bank, the occupation forces raided al-Jalazoun refugee camp and detained a 17-year-old minor identified as Ibrahim Nabil Nakhla.

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The occupation forces also detained two Palestians from Tulkarm and one from Hebron.

Meanwhile, the PPS said Palestinian prisoner in Israeli detention Amjad Omar Makhzumi completed today 17 years behind Israeli prison bars. Makhzumi is serving a 26-year sentence in prison for being active in the resistance of the Israeli occupation.

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(Source / 30.08.2020)

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