Israel insists on retention of its siege imposed on Gaza, resumes airstrikes

Israeli occupation resumes airstrikes in Gaza amidst full lockdown due to outbreak of covid-19

Israeli occupation authorities have insisted on the 14-year-old siege imposed on Gaza Strip and responded to Palestinian message with rockets.

Palestinian sources said that the efforts to end the Israeli siege on the coastal enclave and reach a ceasefire with the Israeli occupation had failed.

The sources said that the Palestinian resistance would send Israel a “message,” referring to intention to escalate resistance action against the occupation.

Qatari Ambassador Mohammed al-Emadi, who visited Gaza and Israel for two days and brought millions of US cash to the besieged Gaza, said that his mediate failed as Israel insisted not to end the siege.

Al-Emadi said that Israel insists on the equation of “calm in return for calm,” rather than “calm in return for an end to the siege” imposed on Gaza.

For about two weeks, Israeli occupation forces have been bombing Palestinian security bases and resistance sites across the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian resistance restricted its response to firing incendiary balloons at illegal Israeli settlements along eastern side of Gaza.

Following Al-Emadi’s remarks, the Palestinian resistance said: “The coming hours will see messages to the Israeli occupation from the youth groups in the field.

“The occupation should read these messages before things roll and slide into something broader than that.”

In the early morning, the Palestinian resistance launched six mortar missiles at illegal Israeli settlements near Gaza.

The sources said firing mortar was likely the “message” sent by the Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation.

Israeli occupation responded to striking several sites in Gaza and banned Israeli companies which transport fuel to Gaza oil companies through the fully closed Karm abu-Salem Crossing.

The Palestinian resistance is under immense international pressure from Qatar, Egypt and UN Envoy Nickolay Mladenov to keep silent and not to seek harsh means to end Israeli siege in Gaza.

Currently, Gaza, which is in full lockdown due to the outbreak of covid-19, is getting only three to four hours of electricity per day.

The power shortages are a result of Israel stopping fuel imports, which led the only power plant in Gaza to shut down, as a punishment for Gaza residents over their persistence to end the Israeli siege.

(Source / 28.08.2020)

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