Israel sold spyware to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain

Israel’s spyware is used to spy on dissents in these countries which are allies to US and Israel

Israeli company, encouraged with Israeli government, has sold spyware to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain to use for monitoring dissidents, Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed on Sunday.

According to the most popular Israeli paper, the Israeli firm NSO Group Technologies, whose software is used to hack into cellphones, has in the past few years sold its Pegasus spyware for hundreds of millions of dollars to the UAE and other Gulf States.

These states the Israeli spyware to monitor anti-regime activists, Haaretz said, with the encouragement and the official mediation of the Israeli government.

Chaim Levinson wrote to Haaretz that NSO “is one of the most active Israeli companies in the Gulf, and its Pegasus 3 software permits law enforcement authorities to hack into cellphones, copy their contents and sometimes even to control their camera and audio recording capabilities.”

The company works only with state authorities, according to Levinson, “but it doesn’t distinguish between democracies and dictatorships, as in the Gulf; despite its claims, it does little to supervise how its technology is used.”

“Israel,” Levinson said, “put NSO in touch with Arab states in the region, and Israeli representatives even took part in marketing meetings between intelligence officials in the Arab states and NSO executives. Some of the meetings were held in Israel.”

Levinson said that NSO makes hundreds of billions from spyware trade with the Arab countries. He explained the cooperation mechanisms between the Israeli firm and these countries that keeps their names secret.

He said: “Every Gulf state has a nickname based on the first letter of the country’s name and an automotive manufacture: Saudi Arabia is called Subaru, Bahrain is BMW and Jordan is Jaguar. The practice within NSO is to use these names rather than the country’s real name.”

Regarding Qatar, Haaretz said, NSO does not do business with it because Israel prohibits it.

(Source / 26.08.2020)

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