Three children open up about Israeli assaults during arrest

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A new report by the Committee of Prisoners’ and Former Prisoners’ Affairs has documented painful testimonies by three Palestinian children, who opened up about the physical and psychological assaults that they have been subjected to while being arrested and interrogated by the Israelis.

Ahmad Badawi (17 years old) from Al Arroub refugee camp in occupied Hebron was attacked by Israeli soldiers after they broke into his house and vandalized it. the soldiers took him to a military site and started assaulting him.

Badawi said the soldiers threw him down and started beating and kicking him. They also used rifles to beat him on his head before being taken to Etzion interrogation center then to Megiddo jail.

Omar Makharzeh (17 years old) from Abu Deis in East Jerusalem said that Israeli soldiers beat him with their rifles and slapped his face several times while he was held in a military site.

He added that he was humiliated and insulted. He was interrogated at Atarot police station before being sent to Megiddo jail.

Muhammad Sheibani (17 years old) from Arraba in Jenin, who is currently held in the children’s section of Megiddo jail, told QNN that he was assaulted several times during interrogation.

After he was arrested at a military checkpoint near the illegal settlement of Shavei Shomron, the Israeli army interrogated him on site then took him to Ariel police station for further interrogation.

Shortly after that, the teenager was taken to Howwarah interrogation center, where he was held for 18 days, during which he was interrogated three times and prevented from going to the jail’s courtyard or changing his clothes.

According to a report issued in March 2019 by the Palestinian Ministry of Information, 95 per cent of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli authorities were tortured during detention. the Israeli abuses against Palestinian children included beating, kicking, blindfolding and handcuffing them during detention as well as interrogating them without the presence of a lawyer or a family member, in violation of laws that prevent interrogating minors or extracting confessions from them by coercion. Most Israeli violations against Palestinian children took place after midnight.

(Source / 24.08.2020)

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