Wall demolished by Israeli forces in Jerusalem-area villages

Israeli occupation bulldozers on Wednesday demolished a wall and issued demolition orders against a water pond and a barn in two different villages in the Jerusalem area, according to local sources.

An under-construction wall was demolished in the town of Hizma, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, according to Bashar Abu Khalil, owner of the property.

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He told the official WAFA news agency that Israeli occupation forces accompanied a bulldozer to the village and demolished a wall built around his two-dunum plot of land since 2017 under the pretext that it was built without a permit.

Meanwhile, Walid Azzam, an activist in the village of al-Judeira, northwest of Jerusalem, said the Israeli occupation authorities ordered the demolition of a pond, an animal barn and a wall owned by local families under the pretext they did not have a permit to build them.

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(Source / 20.08.2020)

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