Palestinian boy injured by Israeli forces dies in prison

Matar was among three boys. Two survived after getting medical aid by Palestinian paramedics and this one died after he was detained by Israeli forces

After he was seriously wounded and detained by Israeli occupation forces in occupied West Bank, Palestinian boy passed away inside Israeli prison.

The martyr was one among three boys who were wounded on Wednesday night during a protest against Israeli occupation raid of Abu Mash’al Village, west of Ramallah.

Palestinian paramedics could help the two boys, but this one, who was identified as Mohamed Matar, 16 years old, was kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces who opened fire at the Palestinian protesters.

Israeli occupation has not officially declared his death, but a Palestinian health worker reported information about him, saying he did not receive proper treatment.

Chief of the Village Council, Imad Zahran, said that the Israeli occupation rejected to hand over his body.

The Palestinian boys were shot by the Israeli occupation forces as they were protesting against expansion of illegal Israeli occupation settlements.

(Source / 20.08.2020)

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