Pakistan will never recognize Israel: PM Khan

In an interview with a private Pakistani TV channel, the prime minister said, “Quaid-e-Azam had said that if the Palestinians got the right, they would recognize Israel. Pakistan’s position on Israel is clear.”

The Prime Minister said that we have to answer to Allah about Palestine. Imran Khan said that whatever other countries do, our position is very clear. “Pakistan will not recognize Israel unless the decision of Palestine is in accordance with the will of the Palestinians,” he maintained.

“When we talk about Israel and Palestine, will we answer to God that we left alone those who have been abused and deprived of their rights?” he asked by adding, “Yes, my morals never admit that.”

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About China, a longtime friend of Pakistan, Imran Khan said that it should be clear that our future is connected with China. He said China has stood by Pakistan in every good and bad time. “We are further strengthening our ties with China. China also needs Pakistan very much. Unfortunately, Western countries are using India against China,” he said.

The premier said the Chinese president was scheduled to visit Pakistan in May this year but his visit was delayed due to coronavirus. Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to visit Pakistan in winter.

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On relations with Saudi Arabia, the prime minister said Pakistan’s role is not to divide the Muslim world. He said Saudi Arabia has its own foreign policy.

“Rumors of Pakistan’s deteriorating relations with Saudi Arabia are completely false,” he said. “We have good relations with Saudi Arabia, we are in constant contact with Saudi Arabia,” the prime minister.

(Source / 19.08.2020)

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