Israeli arsonists set fire to 13 Palestinian cars in an East Jerusalem neighborhood

Israeli arsonists believed to be members of the anti-Palestinian “Price Tag” terror group set fire early this morning to 13 Palestinian vehicles in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Safafa, south of the occupied city, local sources said.

They said that the arsonists sneaked into the neighborhood in the early morning hours, set fire to 13 vehicles and wrote anti-Palestinian racist graffiti on walls.

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“Price tag” refers to an underground anti-Palestinian Israeli terror group that routinely attacks Palestinians in the occupied territories and inside Israel.

The Israeli government still refuses to label it as a terrorist organization and considers it only as a group of vandals.

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Price Tag and other similar Jewish terror groups such as Lahava and Youth of the Hills regularly carry out terror acts against Palestinians in Israel and in the occupied territories and their members are rarely, if ever, prosecuted.

(Source / 17.08.2020)

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