Kuwait parties strongly condemn the UAE deal with Israel

Major political parties in Kuwait have strongly denounced the Emirati leadership for recognizing Israel and normalizing its relations with it, describing the step as “treason” and “not a point of view” and “a crime against Palestine, its people, and the Arab and Muslim nations.”

According to their statement, such step by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was taken “as the Zionist entity persists in its criminal practices against the Palestinian people, whether through direct or indirect aggression, arresting and humiliating the Palestinians, stealing their lands, desecrating the Aqsa Mosque, building settlements and displacing the local residents, amidst utter Arab silence except for limited faint voices.”

The parties also said they unequivocally reject the normalization step taken by the UAE leadership, calling it “unjustified and useless to its people and the Arab and Muslim nations.”

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The statement was signed by al-Tayyar al-Urubi (the Arab Group), the Civil Conservative Party, the Justice and Peace Alliance, the National Islamic Alliance, the National Charter Assembly, the Islamic Constitutional Movement, and the National Gathering of Walaa.

(Source / 16.08.2020)

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