Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinians in West Bank

Scores of Palestinian citizens were injured on Friday when Israeli occupation forces violently quelled several demonstrations in the West Bank against the settlement and the Israel-United Arab Emirates (UAE) peace deal.

Local sources said that dozens of Palestinian citizens suffered injuries by rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters when the Israeli occupation forces dispersed protests in Qalqilya and Ramallah.

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Hundreds of Palestinian citizens took to the streets in Kafr Qaddum village in Qalqilya and al-Midya village in Ramallah in protest against Israel’s expanding settlement activity in the West Bank and the latest peace deal reached between Israel and the UAE.

The demonstrators chanted slogans and raised banners rejecting the deal and calling for activating all forms of resistance in the Palestinian territories.

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The Israeli occupation forces met the peaceful protesters with live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas canisters, and stun grenades.

(Source / 16.08.2020)

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