After injuring two Palestinians in night protests, Israel attacks Gaza for sixth consecutive day

Night protests started anew on Saturday night east of Gaza Strip, in Malaka, the name for the area east of Gaza City where protests have occurred since 30 March, 2018. The Palestinians demonstrated as part of ongoing anti-occupation protests along Gaza border.

About 1000 protesters were present in Malaka on Saturday night, when Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas and live ammunition at the protesters.

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Two injuries with live bullets have arrived the Shifa’ Medical Complex, one in the abdomen while the other in the lower limb,the Ministry of Health has reported.

A few hours later, the Israeli warplanes attack Gaza lands with tons of bombs, Days of Palestine reporter affirmed.

“It’s the sixth consecutive day that the Israeli occupation is systematically shelling the Gaza Strip,” he added.

Local sources said that Israeli warplane fired eight missiles at an area west of KhanYounis refugee camp in the southern of the Gaza Strip.

This the sixth day of Israeli aerial attacks and artillery shelling on the Gaza Strip, which have caused damage to property and no harm to residents other than causing panic among the population.

Israel has also imposed collective punishment on the besieged Gaza Strip and its two-million population by closing the only commercial crossing with Gaza, banning entry of badly needed fuel and cutting in half the fishing area Gaza fishermen are allowed to sail in to earn a living.

Israel claims the attacks and punishment were in retaliation for flying incendiary balloons from Gaza into bordering Israeli areas causing fire to fields.

(Source / 16.08.2020)

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