Intellectuals boycott cultural events in the UAE following normalization with ‘Israel’

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Several Arab and Palestinian intellectuals announced boycotting cultural and award events planned in the UAE following the normalization agreement between the Gulf country and the occupation state of ‘Israel’.

Moroccan novelist, Zohra Rmeij, announced in a tweet her withdrawal from the Sheikh Zayed Book Award by withdrawing her nomination for the novel “The Waiting Hall” in solidarity with the Palestinian people “in their struggle to regain their usurped land and establish their free and independent state.”

Poet and writer Ahmed Abu Islim also announced in a tweet the withdrawal of the nomination of his novel “Promethana” for the Booker Prize, and his boycott of all cultural activities in the UAE, calling on all Arab intellectuals to follow suit.

Moroccan novelist Abu Yousef Taha has also announced his withdrawal from the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for the same reasons.

Palestinian photographer Muhammad Badarneh announced that he had withdrawn his participation from the exhibition “Point of View 8”, to be held on August 29 in the UAE.

Moroccan writer and researcher Yahya Bn El Oualid also withdrew his participation from the Sheikh Zayed Book Award.

In the same vein, the Palestinian Democratic Gathering called on the Palestinian singer Muhammad Assaf to withdraw from a concert in Dubi’s opera.

(Source / 15.08.2020)

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