Hamas holds Israeli occupation responsible for COVID-19 outbreak among Palestinian detainees

Hamas held the Israeli occupation and Israeli prison service responsible for the outbreak of coronavirus among the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli prisons and their safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hamas spokesperson Hazm Qasem said, in a press release on Thursday afternoon, that the increasing number of coronavirus cases among Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons confirms the growing threat facing them.

Qasem added that this outbreak proves the Israeli prison administration’s negligence to provide the Palestinian detainees with sanitisation and cleaning supplies.

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Qasem also pointed out that this is just one of many other examples of the Israeli deliberate medical negligence policy that led to the death of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Hamas spokesperson called upon international human rights organisations to put an end to the arbitrary Israeli policies against the Palestinian detainees.

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(Source / 10.08.2020)

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