Israeli MK calls Beirut’s blast “spectacular fireworks show”

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli politician and former MK, Moshe Feiglin, on Wednesday celebrated Beirut’s dreadful port explosion, in which at least a hundred people were killed and thousands were injured, and called it a “spectacular fireworks show”.

In a Facebook post on his personal account, Feiglin celebrated the horrible blast and thanked “the lord and all the geniuses and heroes who organized this marvelous celebration in honor of the holiday of love.”

Israeli politician and former Knesset member Moshe Feiglin describes Beirut’s dreadful blast as “one of Israel’s best days”, saying “marking valentine’s day, we’ve got a fantastic fireworks show from Beirut’s port.”

“In honor of [Tu B’Av – the Jewish holiday of love which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday], we got a “spectacular fireworks show” in the port of Beirut,” wrote the former MK on behalf of the ruling Likud Party. “You don’t really believe this was just a messy fuel depot, right? You do realize that this inferno was supposed to land on us as a rain of rockets?”

“I have a bit of experience with explosives. The largest explosion I took part in was 2.5 tonnes of TNT. What we saw yesterday in the port of Beirut was much bigger. Its destructive effect (minus the radiation) was equivalent to a mini-nuclear bomb.”

Pay close attention to the videos taken from the sea, to the huge vacuum at the center of the blast that sucked seawater into itself and created a mushroom cloud resembling a nuclear blast. Granted, the horrible effect of radiation isn’t there, but this was dispersed over precise explosive heads of around 200,000 missiles that could reach any strategic point in Israel.”

Feiglin also criticized the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000, which was occupied by the occupation state in 1982.

“I have been warning for years that the withdrawal from Lebanon and the new strategic balance against Hezbollah… put Israel into a balance of terror that is equivalent to a nuclear bomb by the terrorist organization on our northern border,” he wrote.

“Today is Tu B’Av, it is a day to rejoice – and a sincere and great thanks to the Lord and all the geniuses and heroes (!) who organized this marvelous celebration in honor of the holiday of love.”

The horrible blast killed over 130 people and wounded over 5000 others, moreover, it had a devastating impact on people’s lives and properties and Lebanon’s already fragile economy.

(Source / 06.08.2020)

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