Committee: The occupation committed 28 violations of the journalists´ rights last month

The Committee to Support Journalists, in its monthly report on the state of press freedoms for last July, monitored 28 cases of violations by the Israeli occupation against journalists.

In its report, the committee said that the Israeli occupation forces continued their deliberate violations of Palestinian journalists and media, despite international laws and covenants that guarantee the protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

The Israeli attacks in the occupied Palestinian territories increased during the past month, as the occupation forces arrested (3) journalists, who are the Palestinian expert in settlement affairs, Khalil Al-Tafakji, the director of the Yabous Cultural Center, Rania Elias, and the director of the National Institute of Music Suhail Khoury.

The occupation forces detained (1) journalists, and he is the correspondent of the Turkish “Anatolia” agency, Qais Abu Samra, while the occupation intelligence summoned (1) against the journalist Ahmed Abu Sobeih to investigate him about the nature of his work in Jerusalem.

The Occupation Court issued decisions to install and new provisions (4) of the captured journalists, namely: Journalist Mujahid Al-Saadi issuing an administrative detention decision and installing it for a period of 4 months administratively, as well as the journalist writer Ahmed Qatamish issuing a prison sentence and extending his administrative detention for a period of 4 months.

On the side of deliberate targeting and attacking journalists, the report of the Committee to Support Journalists recorded more than (2) cases of assault and targeting them with sound bombs and poison gas to prevent them from practicing their journalistic work.

While the occupation forces prevented journalists from practicing their professional work in covering the violations of the occupation against the Palestinians, which recorded (3) cases of prevention.

The Committee to Support Journalists (3) also recorded cases of threats and incitement to prevent them from practicing their national and professional work.

Regarding the raids and incursions into the homes of journalists, the July 2020 report recorded more than (3) cases of storming and tampering with the contents of the home or institution, during the raids and prevention of coverage, more than (6) cases were confiscated. Computers, files, documents, documents, phones and computers were confiscated.

On the side of the harassment and torture inside the cellars of the occupation prisons, the report recorded (2) cases of medical negligence against the journalist Mujahid al-Saadi, which led to the deterioration of his health, except for his isolation for 14 days and assaulting him during the investigations.

In the same context, social networking sites and platforms still impose unjust restrictions on the Palestinian content, under pressure from the Israeli occupation to fight the Palestinian narrative, where the report of the Committee to Support Journalists recorded during the past month several cases of violations of the closure, ban and deletion of an account of Palestinian journalists and activists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Without giving reasons.

(Source / 03.08.2020)

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