Video| Palestinian mother celebrates her son’s birthday in front of Israeli jail right before he starts jail time

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The family of Abed Barbar gathered to celebrate his birthday in the most bizarre place ever: in front of Magiddo jail.

Mona, Abed’s mother, appeared in a video hugging her son and singing him the happy birthday song while he carries a cake. Tears of sadness did not stop as Abed was supposed to be jailed right after his mother ends her song.

Watch | This #Palestinian mother decided to celebrate her son’s birthday right before he begins a one-month sentence in Israeli jails, today

Abed Barbar is a former prisoner from Ras Al Amoud in Silwan, Jerusalem. He had been jailed by the occupation state several times in recent years. This time he will have to spend a month in Magiddo jail over beating an Israeli soldier back in 2016.

And as it is not usual for a Palestinian citizen not to spend time in Israeli jails, Mona Barbar is also a former prisoner, her husband had spent nine years in Israeli jails as well, and Abed himself had been arrested over 20 times since he had turned 12 years old.

(Source / 20.07.2020)

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