Video| Israeli police represses demonstration protesting leveling of Islamic cemetery in Jaffa

Jaffa (QNN)- The Israeli police have arrested four Palestinians this evening after repressing a peaceful protest against the leveling of an Islamic cemetery in the occupied city.

Local sources said the Israeli police attacked the peaceful protesters in a motorbike protest in Jaffa.

The sources added that Israeli undercover policemen carried out the protests.

#Watch | The Israeli occupation police violently dispersed a demonstration by Palestinians against the demolition of the 200-year-old al-Isaaf Cemetery, and building a housing project over its land, in Yafa city tonight

Occupied Jaffa has seen several activities against the Israeli confiscation and leveling of Al Is’af Islamic cemetery.

The Israeli municipality in the occupied city of Jaffa leveled the Palestinian-Muslim cemetery in order to build residential structures on the cemetery’s land.

An appeal by the elected Islamic committee in Jaffa and Al Mizan center for human rights had been filed to stop the construction work in the graveyard but the Israeli court rejected it and ordered to resume the leveling.

(Source / 20.07.2020)

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