Israeli forces invade parts of Eastern Gaza

Israeli troops invaded earlier on Wednesday some parts of the eastern Gaza city, in the Gaza Strip.

Local Palestinian media outlets, including Maan News Agency, said that a number of armored Israeli army vehicles, including three military bulldozers, invaded  a border fence  area, between eastern Gaza city an Israel, about tens of meters , deep into Palestinian-owned farm lands.

The sources added that the invasion occurred with a number of Israeli drone, hovering over the area and other parts of the city.

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No causalities or more details were reported.

Israeli troops are reported to have continued to carry out invasions in different parts of the coastal enclave, quite frequently, since Israel has imposed a siege on Gaza, back in 2007.

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In some of such invasions, Israeli army tanks open fire on adjacent Palestinian homes and farm lands, causing injuries of farmers and their family members.

(Source / 08.07.2020)

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