Israeli court allows leveling of Islamic graveyard in occupied Jaffa

Occupied Jaffa (QNN)- The Israeli central court on Tuesday ordered resumption of the leveling of al-Isaaf Islamic graveyard in occupied Jaffa.

The court rejected an appeal by the elected Islamic committee in Jaffa and Al Mizan center for human rights to stop the construction work in the graveyard, according to Arab 48.

The website added that the court allowed the municipality of Tel Aviv to continue its work, constructing a shop and a building for homeless Israelis over the graveyard. Furthermore, it imposed a penalty of 15,000 NIS (over $4000) on the Islamic committee.

With the court decision, the precautionary suspension of construction ends, allowing the municipality to resume the construction works, ignoring the locals’ calls and demands to show respect for the dead.

The municipality of Tel Aviv plans to build a three-story-building for homeless Israelis over the ruins of the graveyard.

Several protests by native Palestinians were organized, demanding to stop the construction works. The Israeli police repressed all peaceful protests and carried out an arrest campaign against the protesters.

(Source / 07.07.2020)

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