‘Israel’ imposes 2000 Nis penalty on detained Palestinian-French lawyer

Salah Hamouri and his wife Elsa Lefort

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday decided to conditionally release the Palestinian-French lawyer Salah Hamouri after one week of detention at the Maskubiyyeh detention center.

The Committee of Jerusalem’s Prisoners said the Israeli Magistrate’s Court decided to release Hamouri on the conditions of not to contact anyone for three months and pay a 2000 NIS penalty.

Hamouri is a former prisoner, who spend nearly nine years in Israeli jails and was released in the prisoners’ swap between the occupation state and the Palestinian resistance in 2011.

He is married to the pro-Palestine activist Elsa Lefort and they have a child.

The occupation state had expelled Hamouri’s wife and son two years ago claiming that they pose a threat to the security of ‘Israel’.

In 2017, Hamouri was rearrested under administrative detention without charge or trial for 13 months. After being released, he was prevented from entry into the West Bank and he was repeatedly prevented from traveling, depriving him of his right to reunite with his wife and son.

Although of holding the French nationality, Hamouri cannot reunite with his wife and child until now.

(Source / 07.07.2020)

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