98 Palestinian refugees field executed in Syria’s war

Damascus (QNN)- 98 Palestinian refugees were field executed since the start of the war in Syria until July 5, revealed the Action Group For Palestinians of Syria.

The monitoring and documentation team in the group added that 98 Palestinian refugees were field executed, including 17 from the PLA, who were kidnapped in 2012 while they were going back from the military base in Misyaf to the Neirab refugee camp in Aleppo.

The group added that 25 of them were executed in Dara’a refugee camp, 18 in Aleppo, 19 in the Yarmouk refugee camp, 9 in the Tadamon neighborhood, five in the HUsseiniyyeh refugee camp, two in Set Zaynab, one in the Aideen refugee camp, and one in Khan Al Sheikh refugee camp.

The report stated that the toll number of Palestinian refugees, who were killed in the Syrian war, is estimated at 4048.

The PLA is the military wing of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). It was established at the 1964 Arab League summit held in Alexandria, Egypt, with the mission of fighting ‘Israel’ and distributed at several Arab host countries.

With the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War, the PLA sided with the government and began to fight against the Syrian opposition.

In early 2015, several PLA officers and fighters were reportedly executed for refusing to fight against rebels in Daraa.

(Source / 07.07.2020)

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