Coronavirus outbreak in major West Bank city ‘out of control’

Israeli occupation undermines the work of Palestinian paramedics who fight the coronavirus

Covid-19 Coronavirus

Palestinian Health Minister Mai Kaila has described the coronavirus outbreak in the West Bank city of Al Khalil (Hebron) as “out of control.”

Speaking to media, Kaila said 173 virus infections were registered in Al Khalil on Saturday.

According to the minister, 50 Palestinian medics have so far contracted the virus.

As the cases continue to surge, Kaila expected that the Palestinian government would extend a lockdown imposed in the territories for five more days to stem the spread of the pandemic.

On Wednesday, the government imposed a five-day lockdown in 11 provinces in the West Bank, including Al Khalil, in an effort to contain the outbreak.

So far, Palestine has confirmed 4,250 infections, including 17 deaths. More than half of the registered cases were in Al Khalil.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

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