Israeli Troops Abduct Five Palestinians from the West Bank

Israeli Troops abducted early on Monday and late on Sunday night four Palestinian residents from different West Bank areas.

Palestinian media sources reported that Israeli troop invaded the Bet Rema village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah and that Israeli soldiers broke into the home of Saher Albarghouthi, 55, before they abducted Saher and his son, Saddam, 30.

The sources added that Saddam, the son of Saher, is a former Palestinian prisoner, who was imprisoned by Israel, a while ago.

In the meantime, local residents of the Deir Ghassana village, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, took to the streets in protest of an Israeli army invasion, in which Israeli soldiers broke into the home of Mo’tasem Mis-Hel, 25.

They added that Israeli soldiers fired volley of tear gas canisters on protesters, as other soldiers vandalized the home of Mis-Hel, abducted the young man and took him to an unknown destination.

No casualties were reported, as the Israeli troops withdrew from the village, right after the abduction.

Meanwhile, local sources and witnesses in the West Bank city of Jenin, confirmed that Israeli troops abducted last night,  former Palestinian prisoner of the Jaba’ village, south of Jenin, while the latter was passing by a military Israeli roadblock, south of the West Bank city of Nablus.

The sources identified the prisoner as Belal Fashafha, 25-years-old, WAFA News Agency reported.

In the northern West Bank city of Jericho, Israeli troops were reportedly invaded the Jeftlek village, north of the city.

Local sources and witnesses said that the invading Israeli army force broke into the home of Mousa Jahaleen and sized his farming tractor, under the pretext of farming in an area that is subject to an Israeli security control.

The Jeftlek village is located in north  West Bank area of Alaghwar, on the Jordan Valley, which Israel had earlier announced plans to annex some large parts of which.

Last month, both locals and internationals protested in large numbers in Jericho city,  against those plans, as Israel was supposed to embark on annexation of the area, by July1.

The annexation was reportedly postponed, yet Israeli officials signaled intention to ago ahead with the move, which sparked widespread criticism.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinians in Hebron

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During confrontations in Hebron, one Palestinian civilian, on Sunday, was shot and injured by Israeli forces, according to WAFA correspondent.

In the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, the Israeli military, stationed at flashpoint Shuhada Street, fired rubber-coated steel rounds and concussion grenades at Palestinian protesters, hitting one of them in the face with a tear-gas canister.

Palestinians have collectively engaged in demonstrations against Israel’s annexation plans.

In related news, several Palestinians suffered mild injuries, on Saturday, when Israeli forces opened fire at protesters in Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank, Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

WAFA correspondent said that confrontations flared between local youths and the Israeli army in Bab al-Zawiya neighborhood of Hebron, during which forces fired rubber-coated steel rounds and tear-gas to disperse the protesters.

One Palestinian was shot with a rubber-coated steel round, and many others suffered the toxic effects tear-gas inhalation.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center that the young man who was shot by the army in Bab al-Zawiya area, was hit in the leg and was taken transferred to hospital.

The sources added that the military installed several roadblocks in Tel Rumeida neighborhood and Shuhada Street, blocking even further, the movement of Palestinian citizens, preventing many from returning home.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

Israeli Settlers Shoot, Injure Two Palestinian Youths near Salfit

Illegal Israeli settlers shot and injured two Palestinian youths, on Sunday, in Bidya village, west of Salfit, in the northern West Bank, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Local sources said that a group of Israeli colonists attacked Palestinian families in Khillat Hassan area, opening fire at them, resulting in the injury of two young men.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that one of the men was shot in the abdomen, while the other was shot in the shoulder, both men are currently in hospital, and both injuries were described as “moderate”.

Palestinian civilians were gathered on a threatened land, near the village, when illegal Israeli settlers opened fire at the young men, injuring two of them.

According to Palestinian WAFA News Agency, the first of the two men sustained an injury in the pelvis, while the other one sustained a light injury in the neck and a fracture in his shoulder.

The two men were reported to have been moved to nearby Salfit Governmental Hospital.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal colonialist settlers live in hundreds of colonies across the occupied West Bank, in violation of International Law.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

Lifetime and over half a million dollars penalty for Palestinian father who killed settler in car accident

Sahban Titi rammed an illegal settler in a car accident before turning himself in to the police

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- The Israeli military court sentenced Sahban Titi from the Fawwar refugee camp to life imprisonment over killing an Israeli illegal settler in a car accident.

Wa’el Titi, Sahban’s father, told QNN that the court also imposed a penalty of one million and 800 thousand NIS (over half a million dollars) on his son.

The occupation state has accused Sahban of killing an illegal settler near the Fawwar refugee camp in a car accident in 2015.

After the accident, Sahban turned himself in to the nearest Palestinian police station.

Four months later, he was released but an Israeli special force broke into his house and arrested him.

The Israeli army had taken the measures of Sahban’s house to demolish it.

The father added that dozens of Israeli settlers attended the court session and tried to attack Titi’s family before attornies from the Palestinian Prisoners’ Association intervened and protected the family members.

Sahban is married and has one child.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

Medical negligence policy: Patient Palestinian prisoner dies after 26 years in Israeli jails

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Human rights NGOs confirmed that the patient prisoner Sa’di Gharabli (75 years old) from Gaza has died after spending 26 years in Israeli jails.

The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners said a statement issued on Monday that Gharabli died after 26 years in Israeli jails.

Handhalah center stated that Gharbli died due to the Israeli medical negligence policy.

Gharabli suffered from prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and impairment in his sight and hearing.

The martyr was one of the longest-serving Palestinian prisoners. He was arrested in 1994 and put in solitary confinement for several years.

Gharbli’s family was prevented from visiting him. It had called on international and local human rights organizations to intervene to save his life.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

‘Israel’ levels more land to construct settlement road

Nablus (QNN)- The Israeli army on Monday leveled agricultural land in Huwarah, Nablus in preparation for constructing a new settlement road.

Confrontations erupted between locals and Israeli forces as native Palestinians tried to prevent the leveling and confiscation of their land.

Local sources stated that the Israeli army revisited the village this morning and started to construct the road.

The Israeli army targeted the locals, who were defending their land, with tear gas and stun grenades.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

‘Israel’ to punitively demolish house of prisoner

The family of Nadhmi Abu Bakr insists that ‘Israel’ is trying to have an illusory accomplishment, arresting Abu Bakr and framing him

Jenin (QNN)- The Israeli authorities approved a decision to punitively demolish the house of Nadhmi Abu Bakr in Ya’bad, Jenin.

The Israeli Public Prosecutor accused Abu Bakr (48 years old) of several charges, including killing an Israeli soldier with a stone during an Israeli raid into Ya’bad on May 12.

Abu Bakr denied the Israeli accusations while his family stressed that the Israelis are trying to have an illusory accomplishment, arresting Abu Bakr and framing him during a mass arrest campaign in the village.

The Israeli army had raided Ya’bad on June 11 in preparation for the demolition of Abu Bakr’s house.

Although of reports by the Israeli army proving the futility of it, the occupation state uses demolitions as a punitive measure against Palestinian prisoners, accused of resisting the occupation state.

‘Israel’ has demolished four houses of prisoners’ families this year.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

Two Palestinians wounded in settlers’ terror attack, others suffocated in IOF attack on workers

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- The Ministry of Health announced that two Palestinian young men were reportedly wounded in a settlers’ terror attack in the village of Bidya in Salfit.

The Ministry said one injury was with live bullets in the pelvis of a young man while the other is in the neck and shoulder of another young man. Both cases were sent to Salfit hospital.

Local sources said confrontations erupted in the area of Khillet Hassan after between locals and Israeli settlers, who attacked the village.

Israeli media said that four settlers were wounded during the confrontations, which erupted in self-defense.

In the same vein, the Israeli army had opened fire at Palestinian workers near the southern wall of Qalqilya and in southern Tulkarn this morning.

Witnesses stated that several Israeli military vehicles stationed near holes that were made in the apartheid wall in the village of Fir’oun and tear-gased Palestinian workers who happened to be in the area.

Dozens of Palestinian workers suffocated by the Israeli poisonous gas.

Palestinian workers in Qalqilya were also targeted when Israeli soldiers opened fire at them to prevent them from reaching their works inside the Green Line.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

Coronavirus outbreak in major West Bank city ‘out of control’

Israeli occupation undermines the work of Palestinian paramedics who fight the coronavirus

Covid-19 Coronavirus

Palestinian Health Minister Mai Kaila has described the coronavirus outbreak in the West Bank city of Al Khalil (Hebron) as “out of control.”

Speaking to media, Kaila said 173 virus infections were registered in Al Khalil on Saturday.

According to the minister, 50 Palestinian medics have so far contracted the virus.

As the cases continue to surge, Kaila expected that the Palestinian government would extend a lockdown imposed in the territories for five more days to stem the spread of the pandemic.

On Wednesday, the government imposed a five-day lockdown in 11 provinces in the West Bank, including Al Khalil, in an effort to contain the outbreak.

So far, Palestine has confirmed 4,250 infections, including 17 deaths. More than half of the registered cases were in Al Khalil.

(Source / 06.07.2020)

Europe unites against Israel’s West Bank annexation plan

Several European nations voice concern, urge Israel to stick with two-state solution

Encouraged by Trump’s deal of the century, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month announced his government would formally annex large parts of occupied West Bank.

The annexation was scheduled to be declared by Netanyahu on 1 July.

But uncertainty surrounds Netanyahu’s position in light of widespread international criticism of the plan along with differences with the US on its application.

Annexation “will certainly happen in July,” but it has to be done in partnership with the US, Ofir Akunis, Israel’s regional cooperation minister, told Army Radio.

The annexation “will only happen after a declaration by Trump,” he added.

The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is viewed as occupied territory under international law, thus making all Jewish settlements there — as well as the planned annexation — illegal.

Palestinian officials have threatened to abolish bilateral agreements with Israel if it goes ahead with the annexation, which will further undermine the two-state solution.

Like Turkey and much of the international community, the EU does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over territories it has occupied since 1967.


Parliament expressed its strong opposition Wednesday to Israeli plans to annex.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned that the Israeli move would threaten the stability of the entire Middle East.

“Peace cannot be reached through one-sided steps,” Maas told parliament in Berlin.

He vowed to put the issue on top of the agenda as Berlin assumed a six-month rotating European Union presidency as well as head of the monthlong UN Security Council.

Maas urged Israel to reconsider its plans, saying it was still possible to use “the opportunity and the time window” before a likely annexation.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK would “not recognize any changes” to Israel’s borders set in 1967 unless also agreed to by the Palestinians.

In an article penned for Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, Johnson warned Israel, urging an “outcome that delivers justice for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

Johnson argued the proposed annexation “would put in jeopardy the progress that Israel has made in improving relationships with the Arab and Muslim world,” adding that Israel’s interests “overlap” with Arab partners.

“But however strong their interest in a different kind of relationship with Israel, annexation would inevitably set back these opportunities and constrain potential Arab partners,” Johnson said.

Expressing the pride of the UK’s “contribution to the birth of Israel with the 1917 Balfour Declaration,” he said it would remain “unfinished business until there is a solution which provides justice and lasting peace for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

“The only way it can be achieved is for both sides to return to the negotiating table,” he said. “That must be our goal. Annexation would only take us further away from it.”

Belgium and EU

The Belgian parliament adopted a resolution June 26 that urged the government to prepare a list of countermeasures against Israel in case it annexes occupied Palestinian territories.

The resolution was proposed by the Green Party and passed with 101 votes in favour and 39 abstentions.

It calls the government to “play a leading role at European and multilateral level in order to set up a list of effective countermeasures to respond proportionately to any Israeli annexation of the occupied Palestinian territory.”

The resolution acknowledges that some states might veto EU sanctions. So, it suggests Belgium create a European coalition with like-minded countries.

Earlier, more than 1,000 lawmakers from across Europe condemned the West Bank annexation plan in a joint letter.

They urged European leaders to prevent the annexation, save prospects of a two-state solution and expressed support for EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s previous statement that warned “annexation could not pass unchallenged.”

In total, 1,080 members of national assemblies and the European Parliament from Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK signed the letter.

Speaking at the plenary session of the European Parliament June 18, Borrell said it would be a “serious violation of international law” if the Israeli government decided unilaterally to annex any parts of the West Bank.

The majority of EU member states can only accept “a negotiated two-state solution, based on international parameters.”

The EU’s recognition of Palestine as a state would become “inevitable” if Israel moves forward with its controversial plan, Luxembourg’s foreign minister told German weekly Der Spiegel on June 14.

Jean Asselborn called for a tougher EU stance against Israel’s plan to annex.

“The recognition of Palestine. This debate would gain a whole new dynamic, I would even consider it inevitable,” Asselborn said, noting such a decision would not require a unanimous decision by all 27 member states.


The Vatican said Israel’s “possible unilateral actions” can worsen the “delicate situation in the Middle East.”

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state, expressed the Holy See’s concern that such action could “further jeopardize the search for peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” according to a statement issued Wednesday.

“As already declared on 20 November 2019 and on 20 May 2020, the Holy See reiterates that the State of Israel and the State of Palestine have the right to exist and to live in peace and security, within internationally recognized borders,” it said.

Parolin emphasized the need for all sides to “reopen the process of direct negotiation … aided by measures that can reestablish reciprocal confidence.”

(Source / 06.07.2020)