New Illegal Israeli Settlement Units Announced in Bethlehem

The so-called Israeli settlement council in the West Bank, announced on Sunday a new colonial illegal settlement project, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Chief for the Palestinian file for illegal colonial Israeli settlement  in the Bethlehem city, Hassan Brega, confirmed earlier today that the so-called Israeli settlement council, across the West Bank, is set to construct 164 housing units in the Israeli illegal settlement of Navaih Danial, south of Bethlehem.

Brega told media outlets that based on Israeli media sources, the planned new construction is aimed at expanding the aforementioned settlement by adding new settlement units, at the expense of Palestinian-owned lands in both Bethlehem’s outskirt towns of Alkhader and Nahaleen.

He added that the expansion would grab tens of acres of Palestinian-owned farm lands.

The Palestinian official also noted that Israel has recently embarked on an illegal settlement project, called ‘Greater Jerusalem’, which is aimed at expanding the boundaries of the already-occupied East Jerusalem that is adjacent to Bethlehem.

He noted that over the past several weeks, Israeli colonist settlers have been storming vast areas of Palestinian farm lands, nearby, under the protection of Israeli troops.

” Israeli occupation authorities, have recently delivered evacuation warrants to a number of local residents and farmers, apparently ahead of planned annexation and expansion”, Brega was quoted as saying.

Noteworthy, Israel has recently officially postponed embarking on annexation of almost 30 percent of the West Bank territories, given Palestinian, Arab and international pressure. Yet, Israeli officials have signaled their determination to ago ahead with the annexation plan.

International players and United Nations regard existence of colonist Israeli settlers on Palestinian lands in the West Bank, as illegal and that Israel should dismantle all illegal settlements, across the area, to pave the way for an internationally-long-envisioned two state solution, with East Jerusalem as the capital of future Palestinian state.

Currently, there are around 600,000 colonist Israeli settlers, surrounding more than 3 million Palestinian residents in the West Bank. Israeli army ensures full protection for those settlers, as Israel has erected an apartheid wall around West Bank cities, towns and villages.

(Source / 05.07.2020)

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